Summer is such an amazing time of year. There’s nothing like lazy days on the beach or sitting poolside. However, it can also wreak havoc on your hair. My hair is absolutely horrible in humid weather. This is why I am so thankful for the amazing assortment of hats that are available! Plus the importance of a great summer hat extends beyond simply looking cute; it also helps protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. So be sure to top off your summer look with a cute hat whenever possible. Here are a few of my favorite looks.

1. Cowboy Hats: Cowboys hats are a great look and very popular on the beach. They’ll never go out of style, they look great on everyone, and can be even more fun with chic embellishments or pops of color. Check out this adorable hat here.  



2. Floppy Hats: Of course the most popular summer style is the floppy hat. This hat looks great with bathing suits, maxi dresses and cut-offs. It is definitely a must-have. The rim covers your face perfectly and helps protect a vast area of your upper body against harmful rays. Love this black, vintage look from Rachel Zoe. Photo Credit here.


3. The Fedora: Is there any hat more sassy than this? Perfect anytime of year and so chic on the beach. This style is a must-have! The straw versions are so summer. But, be careful of the fit because it could end up looking a little cheesy if it sits too high on your head. The styling is also very important. The fedora has a very bad past around the early 2000s…very corny and overdone. Keep it relaxed with jeans, tanks and summer dresses. Photo Credit here



4. The Baseball Cap: This is a cool alternative to the traditional wicker hat, and there are also many fun styles to choose from. I personally love the distressed, vintage look–especially for a sporty day! Photo Credit here.


 5. Head Wrap: Okay, so this technically isn’t a “hat.” But, if hats just aren’t your thing, a head wrap gives the same effect. They come in so many different styles and fabrics, so you’re bound to find one that fits your taste and personality! They can also double as a sarong if you’re in a pinch. I love head wraps because they add such style to any outfit. Photo Credit here.