So my little man has started eating table foods and thank goodness, because the poor guy had been practically drooling just looking at mommy and daddy’s food, and his little eyes were screaming please give me some…just a taste.  Now that I can actually give him real food, I am trying my best to keep it healthy and make sure that he gets all of the nutrients he needs.  But just like mommy loves popsicles,  (I am obsessed with sugar-free banana popsicles), he has eyes for cold sweet treats too.  Actually now that I think about it, what kid doesn’t like popsicles.  For the past few weeks, I would just give him a taste of my popsicle but he always wanted to hold it and so I set out to find something that would be better for him than my sugar-free banana popsicles.

I was so excited to find that Popsicle® makes a slow-melt pop and they are in mini sizes.  If you have a little one or toddler at home, these popsicles are perfect.  My little guy loves holding his own popsicle and they are made with natural fruit juice and because they are so tiny, it is the perfect size for a sweet treat for him.  Plus he is teething still and he loves having cold stuff in his mouth and I don’t have to feel as guilty for letting him eat one of these natural mini popsicles.  Also, the pops are made with gelatin so they melt slower and don’t make as big of a mess.  I found the Popsicle® Mighty Minis at my local Kroger’s Grocery Store.

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