With the chill of fall weather comes the heating up of the slow cooker. There’s something about the hustle and bustle of autumn that makes slowing down to cook a meal every night nearly impossible. So many of us rely on larger meals to make once and continually reheat and use throughout the week. But, larger meals require sturdier containers, especially when trying to pack the leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch.

If you’re tired of buying new tupperware containers due to melted corners, missing lids, cracks and leaks, you need to invest in a Popit! You won’t have to worry about any of these being damaged after one use. The quality of plastic is superb and so is the intuitive design. With a clasping lid, these airtight containers get hunkered down and seal in the freshness and the food. That means no spilling, which means no sticky homework for the kids and no destroyed coupons, bills, checks (or whatever you carry around in your portable “office”) for you!


Reheating plastic is super simple with Popits! Just remember to take the lid off before placing it in the microwave! Plus, Popits! are BPA-free, so no worries on anything melting off into you or your child’s food. Freeze them, wash them, then eat straight out of them.

Did I mention they come in stackable packs? There’s a perfect size container for any kind of dish, and the stacking capabilities leaves my cabinets nice and organized. The clutter I had going on in my tupperware cabinet always left me feeling crazy, so this is one of my favorite Popits! perks!