Sit Up

This program is one that was designed for home and/or an outdoor boot camp classes. It requires absolutely no equipment, just your own body weight. The key is to keep moving through each exercise with as little rest as possible to keep the heart rate screaming and the fat blasting. It not only incorporates cardio and resistance exercises, but also explosive movements that will work the whole body. These movements are know as plyometrics and will get those fast twitch muscles working overtime. It is always good to work both the slow twitch fibers (more endurance muscles) as well as the fast twitch (more explosive or “sprint” type muscles). The slow twitch fibers are mainly used in aerobic type activity. The fast twitch fibers are what we use during anaerobic activities….usually high intensity, maximal effort that lasts for 10-30 seconds. In this workout, you will get the best of both worlds!

This routine is considered to be advanced. If you are not up to the fitness level, try cutting taking out some of the more challenging moves or reducing the number of reps.

1.  Plié squat 50x
2.  Push-ups to failure
3.  Forward alternating lunges 50 total (25 each leg)
4.  Mountain climber in plank position 100 total (50 each leg)
5.  Reverse alternating lunges 50 total (25 each leg)
6.   V Push-ups to failure (in plank making a V out of your body)
7.   Squat jumps 50x
8.  Side to side alternating lunges (no weights) 50 total (25 each side)
9.  Burpees 25x
10.  Donkey kicks 25 each side (on hands and knees)
11.  Bicycle abs 60 total (30 each leg)
12.  Side lunges all on one side then move to next (no weights) 50 total (25 each side)
13.  Plank Alt leg lift 50 total (25 each leg)
14.  Knees in/out abs 30x
15.  Spider plank 50 total
16.  Belt kicks 50 total (squat into a front kick alternating legs, 25 each)
17.  Side plank lifts 25 each side
18.  Plank jacks 50x
19.  Burpee/push-up/mt climb/push-up 5
20.  V-ups abs 25x
21.  Triceps pushup 25x (arms in close to your side with elbows coming straight back)
22.  Bridges 50x

Try to go through all of these with as little rest as possible. When you have completed the circuit, rest 1-2 minutes and repeat 2-3 times through. We promise you will feel it and be blasting fat without ever setting foot in the gym! Check out our fitness index for these moves and more.