I know as a busy mom it’s not always easy to find the time to workout, which is why you need a plan! Knowing what type of workout you’ll be doing the next day, and when you’ll be doing it, makes it so much easier to stay consistent and get the results you want!First, choose your planner.  I’m a pen & paper type of girl, so that’s what I prefer.  In an effort to get myself more organized, I’ve found a few different options that I really like! (photo credit: here)

1. momAgenda: These planners covers everything!  They are great for busy moms with busy schedules, and they come in lots of stylish designs.  This option is perfect for scheduling your workouts along with keeping everything else in your busy life organized!
2. fitbook by fitlosophy: If you want something specifically for fitness, this is your planner! Fitbook is a fitness & nutrition journal that allows you to plan your workouts and keep track of your progress over a 12-week period.  It also includes space to write out your goals, a food log, and nutrient tracker.
3. Streaming Colors Fitness Journal: This one is my personal favorite! Why? You get to color it in!! For example: yellow for a workout, blue for drinking water, green for eating clean, etc…The object is to have a brightly colored calendar by the end of the month to reflect your positive fitness progress.  It also comes in a weekly planner format that is great for organizing your everyday schedule along with keeping track of your fitness goals.

Once you choose a planner, sit down and write out your workout plan for the week!  Write down your fitness & nutrition goals, and what you want to accomplish to help you get closer to those goals this week.  Now that you have a plan, nothing can stop you…ready, set, GO!