One thing I excel at is planning. I’m the “planner” amongst our family and friends for everything from vacations to a casual dinner out. If something needs planned, I’m your girl. So after totally blowing the first week exercise-wise, I knew I needed to a daily plan and schedule the exercise in order to make it happen.

Katie really challenged me to shut-up about time, suck it up, and just get it done (my words, not hers, haha). So I wrote out time allotments for everything that had to get ‘done’ in my day, sent it to Billy to make sure we were on the same page, and together we just make it work. (I’m so lucky to have a husband that is willing to support me in this.) Somehow, someway, it all gets finished.

This is my “ideal” schedule… the one I follow when we have nothing going on in the evenings. Granted, that’s like 2 or 3 out of 7 days of the week, but I’ve found writing out a general schedule helps me stay focused and shows me that I DO have the time to fit everything in my day. (I may even start writing out “altered” schedules for the days we do have evening activities if I slack again.)

5:45: wake up
6:00-6:45: out the door for my morning walk
6:45-7:30: get ready for work
7:30-7:45: pack diaper bag, “clean sweep the house” (our house is on the market so it has to be “perfect” when we leave for work each day), wake-up Will, quick diaper change
7:45-8:30: out the door, drop Will off at the sitter, drive to work
8:30-5:30: work
5:30-6:30: pick up Will from the sitter, drive home
6:30-6:45: change clothes, make dinner for Will
6:45-7:15: make dinner, pack lunches, Billy feeds Will
7:15-7:45: dinner, clean up
7:45-8:30: family walk
8:30-9:15: bath, bottle, bed for Will
9:15-10:00: jumping jacks/squats/crunches/bridges while we catch up on a show or two
10:00-11:00: housework (laundry, cleaning, etc.) and work on any SweetT’s (my baking company) orders

One thing that has really helped is menu planning every single meal we are going to have for the week so we can get to the grocery over the weekend when we have more free time, and don’t waste time picking up random things during the week like we were doing when I came up with meals on the fly. Do you have any time saving tips or tricks? Please share!