Have any of you heard of piloxing? A new, to me anyway, exercise that combines boxing and Pilates. This is a shocker for me, but this is a FUN workout!!! I mean, really fun! Having had multiple surgeries in the past six years from C-sections to an experimental spinal surgery, this is an excellent way for me to workout. I am able to keep up with the combinations and can feel muscles that I haven’t used in entirely too long coming to life. But the best part is, I am able to move the next day and that is huge. I mean, how in the world am I supposed to get into shape when so many exercises leave me in a lot of pain the next day or feeling like I haven’t accomplished anything? Enter piloxing. (photo credit: here)

While this is a faster paced workout (I have only done the DVD, but it is still fantastic!), the lead instructor Viveca Jensen does an excellent job of consistently reminding the viewer to work at the pace that works best for them. She is also amazing at staying positive and upbeat, letting the viewer know that you can build up to the fast pace and to concentrate on form. As a person who has never been big on working out, and now I am in for a long journey to get healthy, this is a fun way to get started. I feel stronger and healthier after every workout, and I’m hoping to find a piloxing class to change it up.

If you would like to learn more about piloxing click here! As I said, I have only exercised to the video so far, and while it has the potential to get redundant, it hasn’t yet for me. I am still improving upon my form and frankly, just having fun and starting to find my sexy.  However, as with every other DVD workout, watch the DVD through once before you start so that you are prepared for the pace and types of exercises. For me,  I have no set weight in mind but the object is getting healthy.