All of us have that one person who is physically fit that we admire. We all can name one friend or family member that just embodies a healthy lifestyle.  I have several people in my life I admire for working hard and staying fit and healthy: my husband, my friend Kim, my neighbor Elise that runs, swims and is constantly pushing herself and finally my grandfather. My grandfather has always been fit.  As a young man he was slender, yet muscular.  As my grandfather he is athletic, muscular and strong.

You can’t help but notice how muscular and strong he is when his clothing of choice is shorts.  He only wears a shirt when it is cold outside.  He claims he was the first person to create the men’s bikini bathing suit.  Picture 1940s South Pacific a young navy sailor goes shirt less and rolls up his shorts to imitate what men’s bikini’s become. I had once tried to research this claim and found reference to sailors rolling their shorts in the South Pacific but of course no mention of whom those sailors were.  Nevertheless, he rarely wears a lot of clothing except for when he goes in public and to functions of course. He was also always tan- from the sun because he would always be outside doing various tasks.

In the early 1990s, he had to have a quadruple bypass. Even though he was athletic, he was a sucker for the huge Hersey chocolate bars and Neapolitan ice-cream.  After his surgery and recovery, he dedicated himself to eat healthy.  He was and currently is into eating an incredibly healthy diet to this day.  Others have bypass surgeries and fall back into their unhealthy eating styles soon after recovery.  Not my grandfather, he commits and stayed committed. He continued to go to the gym and play racquetball every day. Even though he was in his 60s, then his 70s etc, everyone thought he was much younger than he was.

A few years later, he fell off a ladder, got his leg stuck and had to have his leg removed.  Do you think having only one leg would slow down my ambitious grandfather? Nope.  As soon as he was recovered and fit into his fake leg, he continued to play racquetball and pretty much do everything he did when he had two legs. Even today in his 80s, he is still active and healthy.  What an inspiration to us all!