Skinny Mom is headed to the Olympia or at least I am, LOL!  I am filled with mixed emotions as I head to Las Vegas as I am excited about traveling with my sister and getting away for the next two days but I am also sad to be leaving my babies…my husband and my soon-to-be 1 year old!  I don’t want to forget to mention how nervous I am too…I am doing a photo shoot with one of my favorite fitness magazines while I am in Las Vegas and I just want everything to go as planned.

While I have been blessed in the past, to shoot for a few fitness magazines, this will be my first official photo shoot, post baby.  It is a big deal to me and I am more excited about this shoot than others past, as I know what it has taken for me to get in shape, the weight I had to lose, and the new time constraints that I have had to deal with because I am taking care of a baby most of my time.  My schedule and training doesn’t even compare this time around to what I used to maintain before I had my little man, if I had only realized how much time I really had back then, LOL…to sum it up, preparing has been much harder but so much more rewarding.

To prepare for the photo shoot, I have been doing a ton of cardio and eating really clean.  Most days, I try to load up the jogging stroller and hit the park for at least one run, if not two, and I have replaced some of my favorite carbohydrates with lots of lean protein and tons of veggies.  The cravings have been a little tough, but I just keep thinking about my goal and how I want to look my best for this shoot and luckily, I have managed to stay on track.  Not to mention, the other ladies that I am shooting with are all competing at the Olympia, so I know that they will all be in top shape and I have to stand next to them…that is enough motivation alone to get this booty out of bed every morning!

This week, leading up to the shoot has been crazy busy, as I have had to run around and take care of things…everything from teeth whitening to spray tanning to waxing.  Ouch!  And of course I have been drinking so much water that I feel like I could float, and you know its bad when you are craving a sweet potato?  It has defiantly been a challenge but I feel like I am ready to go, which is a good thing as I leave today:)

I will post pictures and keep you updated on how things go.  Keep me in your prayers and thoughts and in the meantime, let me know if you are headed to the Olympia or busy training at home for a personal goal of your own.