Short ladies of the world unite!  Really, we are truly a small demographic (no pun intended!) that is neglected in the fashion world.  When I go shopping, it’s quite an undertaking.  I can’t walk into just any store and buy straight off the rack, unless it’s a petite size.  And then sometimes alterations are in order just for those clothes to fit! I stand five foot one and a half inches tall and finding clothes that fit correctly can be very challenging.  Not only am I dealing with my height, but I am also dealing with a small waist and large hips.  It’s enough to bring a girl to tears! Once I find a good fitting brand, I’ll be a faithful customer for life!

The biggest clothing challenge I face as a petite is length. Hands down, length has been a huge obstacle.  Finding the perfect hemline on pants, skirts, dresses and capris is key.  Don’t forget the top half too (shirt dress anyone?) Not having the proper length can really make you look (and feel) dowdy.

A few tips that I have found helps with my vertical challenge are:

  • High heel shoes or wedges – a couple of inches help elongate your frame and overall appearance.
  • Form fitting clothes – Wearing baggy clothes will only make you look bigger than you are (this goes for everyone).  I am not comfortable with tight clothes unless I am exercising, but when you can clearly see the shape of your body and your clothes are hanging properly, it makes a world of difference.
  • A good tailor or seamstress – We have an excellent tailor in town and even petite clothing still needs further alterations to fit your body just right.

Some of my favorite places to buy petite clothing are:

  • Macy’sVery wide selection and I love, love, love their pants.  Great suits for work too!
  • Ann Taylor Loft – Love their dresses and skirts and they are always just the right length.
  • Land’s End – Great skirts…they fit me like a glove! The only downside is that it’s mail order unless you can find something at a local Sear’s store.  It may take a couple of returns, but I have found their clothes are very well made.
  • JCPenney – Yes, JCP has great petite pants and tops that fit me well.

We’re truly stuck with our height so let’s just embrace it and channel our inner fashionista’s and work with what the good Lord gave us! If you are a fellow petite, I’d love to hear where you shop and what tips you have for finding a great fit.

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