Sometimes searching for the perfect pair of jeans can be just as dreadful as searching for this season’s perfect swim suit. Okay, maybe not that bad, but it’s still hard. With the variety in jean style, cut, and wash, it’s hard enough to find which style works best for your figure, let alone which pair fits in the waist, butt, and length. By isolating your body type and forgetting about the style all your friends are wearing, you can definitely find the perfect pair of jeans that works best for you!

What’s Your Shape?

  • Hourglass: To highlight these sexy curves, the best fit for this figure is a dark wash boot cut for an everyday jean, or a skinny jean for a more fun, trendy look. If you have a slim waist, but a larger behind, check the waistband of the jean to ensure it is contoured (cut at an angle and sewn together, rather than being one piece of material). The contoured waistband will lessen the gap that many people with this figure struggle with.
  • Pear Shaped: If you have curvier hips, make them work in your favor with a nice wide-legged trouser or low-rise flare. Both of these styles help streamline your shape, helping balance the look of your figure. A high-waisted fit in a skinny or flare jean works well with these curves in your hips and thighs as well.
  • Straight Figure: Well, aren’t you lucky, you can basically wear it all! However, the best fit to add sexy curves to this figure is a tight fitting skinny jean to show the contour of your thighs. A low rise denim works best for this figure as it helps add shape to your waist. If you’re lacking the “junk in the trunk”, make sure your denim has back pockets to create the look of a fuller backside.

How to Achieve a Long & Lean Cut with Any Shape:

  • dark washed jeans have a more slimming effect than lighter tones
  • denim with a bit of stretch for better fit and comfort
  • boot cut and flare jeans give the illusion of longer legs
  • while cuffs are fun, they should be avoided if you wish to add the illusion of length to your legs
  • besides the skinny jean, be sure the hem covers most of your shoe
  • the front may look great, but don’t forget to check the back!! pockets, or lack their of, can really ruin a great pair of jeans – check for pockets that are too small or too far apart to avoid disfiguring your shape
  • make nice with a local alternations department and have them help you create the perfect jean for your body type

Ladies, I know leggings are in style and have been for some time now; but, are we wearing leggings 4 days a week because we’re being fashion focused, or are we recycling this look because it’s 100% more comfortable than those waist-hugging jeans you have pushed in the back of your closet? (GUILTY!) If you answered the latter, then try these tips the next time you go shopping and find yourself a good pair of jeans. Even if you have to spend a little more than you wish, a good pair of jeans is a staple every woman should have, and jeans will last you a while…longer than those leggings that are wearing thin from wearing them 4 days a week 🙂