Most of the time, I think of myself as a pretty balanced and well-adjusted human, perhaps with a few quirks. Until something unusual happens in my life, like desiring a pedometer.

I’ve now been obsessively shopping for the right one since August. I know, right? Crazy! It’s just a pedometer, isn’t it?

I can tell you with complete honesty that I’ve never put this much effort into buying a house, or a vehicle. In fact, my first vehicle was a black 1999 Sunfire GT with 150 horsepower and even though it was the equivalent  of an automotive arranged marriage, I loved it intensely. It was a factory order and every single one of her beautiful options I had lovingly selected months before I met her. I never even took a single car for a test drive before I ordered mine. I knew what I wanted, and I did it.

When I moved from Winnipeg, the city of my birth and where I spent 30 years, it was after accepting a job in a town I’d never even visited 11 hours away. I accepted the position, painted the house I’d bought nine years earlier and sold it within one week. After signing the offer to purchase with the real estate agent, I left the next morning to find a new home in a new province for my new career as a newspaper editor. Less than a month later, I packed up everything I could fit into a U-Haul, and tears streaming down my face, I left everything that was familiar and headed West.

Which is why making a decision about a pedometer should be easy and yet… here we are. PLEASE, SOMEONE HELP ME.

Back in July, I ordered a cheap  one from e-bay that clipped on to my belt. I thought it would be fun to count the number of steps I took on my herping vacation in Arizona this past August. And it was fun – my girlfriend and I hiked for miles and miles and we both had a blast keeping track of it. Until my sweat broke the damn thing. After that, we had to estimate, but it just wasn’t the same.

Since my return, I have scoured the Internet, prayed to the gods of the World Wide Web and fasted for answers.

The iPhone app pedometer I use isn’t accurate enough. Plus, I’m scared I’m going to accidentally toss the phone as my arm movements become more enthused during a power walk or a jog. I ordered an arm band to hold the iPhone in place, but I don’t like it.

For a while, I decided I wanted a wristwatch pedometer that also tracked my heart rate and the time. I obsessively checked e-bay and Amazon, but anything decent was in a pretty high price range, and I have trouble buying expensive items sight-unseen. Plus, if I was finally going to enter some era of responsibility in my life and actually start wearing a watch, I wanted it to be sleek and sexy, but functional and fun. I didn’t want it to look like a man’s watch, and I didn’t want it to be hot pink either. I’ve since decided this elusive watch doesn’t exist at all.

Now I am looking at other clip-on options, wireless gadgets, stuff I have to wear in my shoe, and arm bands. I’m contemplating this one now, but it’s a lot of money. And it seems complicated. And I never read directions.

This past weekend, I actually told my boyfriend I wanted a pedometer watch for Christmas, even though I absolutely do not want something so utilitarian from him. I would much prefer a thoughtful, somewhat romantic gift but I am at the point where I just want someone – anyone – to take this decision out of my hands.

So please, I beg of you, help me. I know all you SkinnyMom readers out there have some great ideas, and no doubt, some great pedometers. Please tell me about them – why you like them, if they’re easy to use, if they record your heart rate and what they look like. But most importantly, please reassure me that I’m not crazy for obsessing for two months over a dream pedometer that may not even exist.

Photo Credit: delawarecountymoms.com