I’m sure by the title, you are all hoping I’m gonna say that it’s perfectly fine and healthy to have those for dinner… well, the answer is more complicated than I will admit.  Is it OK to have PB cups and Red Wine for dinner:  Well, It is… BUT it isn’t.  I don’t claim to be perfect, and anyone who does claim to be that word… well, I’m guessing they have more to hide than those of us that know (and vehemently claim) that we are far from it.  With that said, I will say that I do have my times where I NEED (yes I said it… need) PB cups and red wine for dinner.

I know what you’re thinking… but you are supposed to be an example of health and fitness… YOU AREN’T SUPPOSED to give into temptation like that.  I will say this; it should not be an everyday thing (or an every week thing) but sometimes you have to give yourself a break.  I have had a lot of things lately that have reared their ugly head and it has caused me extra negative stress that can be hard for anyone to deal with, but here lately it has seemed to build itself into a culmination of things that help me to really work on the way I deal with stress.  With that said, how do you deal with stress?  The things that have changed for me over the years is that I am able to give myself a break and then return to my “good” habits.  Many times, the best medicine for me is to have a great workout.  To “beat myself up” as I call it in a good weight training session is one of the best ways for me to get all of that negative energy out of me.  There’s something about pounding my muscles into submission that cause me to release all of the stress and built of tension inside of me that helps me really deal with the emotions that I used to push down with food.

What are some of your “go to” meals when it’s been a tough day and you’re in a hurry (or just don’t feel like cooking)? These are the times when everyone has to dig down deep (including myself) to be “good”. Sometimes it’s ok to give in and do the “easy” and maybe “not so healthy” route, but don’t make it into a habit. 80/20 rule will help keep those pounds off and your cholesterol and blood pressure (etc) in check.

It has been a tough few weeks for me personally, and I have allowed myself to be more “lax” than usual, but I still stick to being healthy and good 80% of the time… that way when I start to get a little more fluffy in the middle, I know it’s because of the extra wine I might have had or the PB cups or the pizza that I had the night before (hello… not all three please…) and not because I’ve completely give in to being bad for a week or a month. Be good to your body, and you can afford to be “naughty” occasionally. Just be sure to always come back to being healthy and fit, and if you do this… it will be much easier for you to be happier and handle the stress you are going through much easier.

FYI:  There is something to be said for both red wine and dark chocolate for vascular health… but that’s a different discussion… Information about that can be found on the link for the featured image.

Featured image url: http://www.shockmd.com/2008/11/05/red-wine-and-dark-chocolate-for-vascular-health/