As a parent, what is the one thing you’re always looking for (besides lost keys and a good hair day)? Time! Time is something we all need more of as the hectic days of a parent’s life simply pass the time too quickly. Something else we’re always looking for? Our sanity. These amazing parenting hacks collected by save parents time and our sanity, and we couldn’t be more excited to share them with you! Let us know your favorite, any that you’ve tried, and any other parenting hack ideas you’ve thought up over the years!

1. Get a baby stroller/scooter to make walks through the park a little more fun.

1.) Get a baby stroller/scooter to make walks through the park a little more fun

parent hacks-2

2. Let your baby help you with housework.

cleaning onesie for babies
Daily Mail
cleaning onesie for babies
Daily Mail

3. Keep your hands warm & keep track of your kids at the same time. (Plus, adorable.)

gloves for kids
gloves for kids

4. Shield your baby’s sensitive eyes from water.

water shield for babies eyes during bath

5. Inspire your children to get along.

get along t shirt for kids

6. Make gaming a family affair (with fake controllers).

dad playing video games with kids

7. Play smart with your kids, not hard.

dad pushing kid on swing

8. Scare away big, bad monsters with this “secret formula.”

scare away monster spray
Happy Go Lucky

9. Secretly identify your twins so you can tell them apart.

twin baby onesies
Snug Attack

10. Make a safe, indoor hammock with a table and a bed sheet.

diy indoor hammock for kids
Joyful Abode

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