When it comes to buying groceries, there is a strict policy in our household, if the grocery item isn’t healthy it isn’t bought.  We simply believe in keeping our pantry and fridge stocked with healthy foods and drinks.  We know that we can eliminate the temptation to over indulge in processed foods and empty calories, if quite simply, the temptation isn’t there, so it is easier for us to not have the option to say no.  We just don’t keep the food around.

It isn’t that we don’t love unhealthy foods, anyone who knows me well enough, knows that pizza, french fries, and ice cream are some of my favorite foods, but rather than keep these foods in my pantry or fridge I choose to only indulge in them when I am occasionally out to dinner or I buy a single serving of the food item at the grocery store.  I truly believe in this concept and it works great for me, that is when I am at home.

So what about when I am not at home?  Well, that is a different story.  Here recently, I have been spending more and more time at my parents house.  Whether it be for a quick visit, dinner, or just spending time with my sisters, I always seem to end up over there a couple times a week.  I love spending time with them and I can think of a thousand positive reasons for wanting to stop by and say hello with little to no negatives, except for one, and it’s a big one, my mom’s pantry!

My mom’s pantry is dangerous.  It is like a mini Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory meets a Little Debbie truck….yes it is that bad.  She has it stocked with mini bags of chips, sugary cereals, fruit snacks, mini candy bars, and don’t forget the ice cream and cookie batter that stock the fridge.  I go over there with the best intentions but it seems that somehow I always end up taking a bite of something which leads into a pice of this and a bag of that.  I have tried everything from packing my own snacks, going over with a full stomach, and even exercising when I feel tempted to eat an unhealthy snack.  Nothing seems to work perfectly all of the time, my methods do help me escape the occasional visit without indulging but more times than not I seem to give into the temptation and need I remind you that this is coming from someone who feels pretty good about their will power.  This past weekend, the temptation was so bad for me and I failed miserably.   I think it was the Red Velvet Cake that sat on the stove and just stared at me or maybe it was the fried pickles that my mom made for dinner…yes, fried pickles.  Whatever it was, I just couldn’t take it anymore and I gave in, I ended up eating way too much, felt terrible afterwards, and now I have to get back on track and fast!

The easy solution to get back on track would be to avoid going to my moms, but with an 8 month old that isn’t exactly possible, I need her help and really appreciate the free babysitting.  So what was I going to do, you ask?  Well, I did what I knew would work, I grabbed a trash bag and went to work.  Processed carbs be gone, high fructose corn syrup out, high fat snacks, I don’t think so.  I completely purged her pantry.  At the end of it all she was left with little to nothing to eat and I made her a new grocery shopping list.  My mom, along with my sisters and father are turning over a new leaf and they too are going to start trying to be healthier…yay!

My questions is…How can anyone, myself included, expect to lose weight or attempt to reach a fitness goal when you are constantly surrounded by temptation?  Even the strongest, and those with the most will power will fall victim to this kind of temptation every now and again.

If you are reading this at home and the above sounds like your pantry or you can agree that there are some items in your kitchen that could easily fit into a snack vending machine than I am talking to you.  Stop setting yourself up for failure and rather prepare for success.  Purge your pantry.  Take inventory of what you have and box it up, throw it out, or give it away.  You will have plenty of opportunities outside of your home to indulge in your favorite snacks and meals.  So do yourself and your family a favor and go check out your pantry and make today the day that start your fitness journey to living a healthier life;).

I would love to see pics or videos of your pantry before and after!  Send them to brooke(at) and I will be sure to post them!