With the new season and new school year, comes new stress for moms and kids. As stress is already a roadblock in many facets of life, it is also a leading cause of acne for people of all ages. To help you and your kids transition into a new phase, Skinny Mom has called upon Pamela Bond. Pamela is a master aesthetician, skin fitness innovator, and certified health coach who has an extensive knowledge of skin and nutrition.

She has recently launched two products lines, Pamela Bond TEEN Skin Fitness (geared for both teenage girls and boys & those whose acne followed them beyond their teens!), as well as Pamela Bond Skin Fitness. Both lines marry just enough scientific ingredients to make products effective, along with the perfect balance of organic ingredients that soothe, treat, and heal skin in a more gentle fashion.

Read on to find the latest skincare tips for men and women of all ages in the world of nutrition, fitness, and beauty.

1. Please explain your holistic touch to your practice.

I am not a traditional facialist as I treat all aspects of my clients, from the mental and physical to the emotional and spiritual. I look at the 5 senses: sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound as a gateway to beauty. When the senses are addressed, beauty revels itself inward as well as outward. Also, what we eat is what we become, so I treat clients from head to toe, inside and out. Skin talks to you, so you just have to listen and I know the language. When I am working with a client, they are in the moment with me and that is when time stands still and the body, mind, and soul regenerates and repairs.

2. What have you found to work best for teens and adults alike with acne problems?

In today’s world, there really isn’t a difference between adults and teens when it comes to skin. For teens, stress loads are high just like they are for an adult with a full time job, or hectic life.  And stress shows up as acne.  The biggest success comes from people (teens and adults) who change their eating habits to more wholesome foods. Also, when one really becomes educated about acne, and really understands its triggers and how to treat it from a multifaceted approach, is when they see the light.  It is about knowing the right combination to the lock and being able to unlock it. We all have different combinations, and I am the locksmith.

3. What current products do you have out for acne related issues?

I firmly believe that you can’t rely on products alone, but a good skincare routine will jump-start your skin. Products might help clear up skin, but about six weeks in, acne will come back. This is why I combine my products with education about nutritional food tips and ways to reduce stress. I love my TEENsuperscrub that is formulated with Wasabi and Green Tea for both adults and teens. It’s great for exfoliating and working on those stubborn black heads. A great benefit about my teen line is that it can be combined with topical prescriptions from a dermatologist.

4. Please explain the relationship between good nutrition and good skin.

It amazes me when I hear from my clients that their Dr. says food does not make a difference, then I tell them don’t eat junk and then let’s see what happens. Everything makes a difference.

People need to understand that food is creating a chemical reaction within the body, usually inflammation or insulin surges which triggers hormones that in turn triggers oil and so on and so on. Food has a cascading effect on skin. Eating whole foods and fresh food that are not in a box or processed, that is half the battle (if not more) to having clear skin. Many people think that eating well is difficult, but it really isn’t. You just need to plan ahead and stop looking for quick, fast food fixes. We need a bumper sticker that says slow down for clear skin…

5. What do you suggest to your clients regarding their nutritional health?

I always say you either pay to be healthy or you will pay when you are sick. Our health is the most important thing in life because if you don’t have health, you don’t have life. What you put in your mouth defines you and your future. We must understand that we are all bio-individuals and not to follow what everyone else does, rather do what works best for your body and your nutritional needs.

Be mindful of what you buy, read labels, and don’t think that everyone has your health in mind. Sugar is the killer, and I mean that. And stress is right on sugar’s heels.  I also tell my clients to stop eating low-fat and fat-free foods, because for starters, they are loaded with chemicals, and because you need healthy fats in your diet.

I also always recommend that my clients plan their meals out and have a fun day. Trust me, after eating well for a while you will see that on the fun day, you will see a difference in how you feel, meaning the healthier the better.

6. Please explain why you promote meditation as part of your holistic practice.

I believe it is important to take time out to sit, to be grateful, to take time all to yourself. People shy away from mediation because they feel they have to stop thinking. That is not true, but as you practice for as long as I have (since 1989) I have learned to disconnect from my thoughts and let them float away as my true self sits in silence. I tell people to start off with 5 minutes of breathing in and out and say “SO” breathing in and “HUM” breathing out…that alone will work wonders.

7. What skincare tips do you have for busy, on-the-go moms?

Keep your skin care routine simple – you don’t need a lot in your daily and nightly care. Wash your skin right when you get home because by the time you go to bed you are too tired to wash your face.  I have my clients make “lazy pads”, as I call them, for those emergency times at night when you just can’t do another thing. Just swipe skin with the pads and off to bed you go, but don’t depend on these all the time. I also like doing the HYDRAFACIAL, which is a wet mircodermabrasion, 30-minute treatment that focuses on deep cleanse, extractions and infusion of minerals and vitamins. Skin looks amazing and there is no down time. Drink water and stay hydrated. And stop for at least 5 minutes each day to take a deep breath and be in the moment to look around and be grateful for life. Take time for yourself…it’s important.

To find out more about Pamela Bond’s skincare, click here. To check out her teen skincare line, go to Teen Skin Fitness.

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