I remember sitting around the long lunch tables in second grade and all of us comparing our lunches… well, the girls seemed to compare and the boys seemed to be devising new and exciting ways to start food fights! Peanut butter and jelly seemed to be the most popular sandwich, then came the fluffer-nutter, then bologna, and lastly we would all groan and offer to share our fruit roll-up’s with the poor pal who got some mushy leftovers they had to eat lukewarm. Does anyone else remember these lunches?

This is the first year I will have to pack a lunch for my daughter who will be starting all day kindergarten in a little over a month, and while there are a multitude of other things to worry about, I am focusing on the ones I can control… sack lunches. I have been blessed with two amazing daughters who looooooove fresh fruit and veggies. Knowing this, I started looking for fun ways to incorporate them into their sacked lunch. Who else is a little bored with carrot sticks and veggie dip? Delicious and healthy sack lunch ideas that are a cinch to make and something our kids will actually eat and not trade…how amazing is that? How does a mozzarella and tomato sandwich sound? Or maybe replace that veggie dip with hummus to go with those carrot, celery, and pepper sticks? GoodHousekeeping.com to the rescue! Go here and have your kiddos eating healthy all week long, helping us Mama’s stop stressing out over another packed lunch.

Speaking of stress…. I found a wonderful article that was full of invaluable tips on how to make this endeavor easier. I am going to keep researching and of course sharing how these sack lunches go over with my kindergartner! Keep learning and sharing, all you fabulous Mamas!