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Diaper bags can seem like a black hole. You know you threw your keys in there, but good luck finding them. Half of the problem is what’s in the diaper bag. Things get tossed in the diaper bag and don’t always come out. You don’t need a million things in a diaper bag, just a few essentials to keep mom and baby happy (and sane). Here’s a list of what the average diaper bag needs, nips not included. Brought to you by Boogie Wipes, the number one pick for stuffy noses.

Boogie Wipes Boogie Mist: Boogie Wipes Boogie Mist is a diaper bag must, especially during cold and flu season. Getting a little one to blow their stuffy nose is basically torture for both mom and child. Even if they can blow and blow till the cows come home, some stuffy noses simply will not be unstuffed by blowing. Boogie Mist will put an end to stuffy nose torture. Just a quick spray and the little angel will be breathing easy.

Boogie Wipes Boogie Mist for Stuffy Noses

aden + anais Burpy BibBabies burp, they spit up, and the stuff they spit up is gross.  To avoid the dreaded baby spit-up on the shoulder look, try this aden + anais Burpy Bib.  The great thing about this bib (aside from it being super adorable) is that the cotton muslin gets softer with each watch, so put it in heavy diaper bag rotation!

Aden and Anais Burpy Bib with Green Turtles

bumGenius One-Size Pocket Diaper 4.0 SnapbumGenius has done the impossible – made cloth diapering easy.  bumGenius combines the ease of disposables with the fit and good environmental karma of cloth diapers.  These diapers are perfect to have in the diaper bag, whether you’re a cloth convert or not.

bumGenius Pocket Diaper in Teal Green

Kushies On the Go Wet Bags – Large & SmallWhat to do with dirty diapers or mud splattered clothes?  Throw them in Kushies On the Go Wet Bags!  Babies and toddlers go through multiple diaper and clothing changes a day, and their soiled stuff is often thrown in whatever shopping bag is handy and tossed in the diaper bag with fingers crossed it won’t leak.  Well, the wet bags don’t leak and also keep smells to themselves, so yeah, they are a must.

Kushies On The Go Wet Bags in 2 Sizes

Baby Silk Delicate Skin Comfort Silky Liquid Powder from MD MOMSIt’s kind of amazing how sweaty and sticky babies can get seeing that they’re little lumps that spend most of the day just hanging around.  Sweaty, sticky babies can have irritated skin, and Baby Silk is the perfect remedy.  Baby Silk was developed by pediatrician moms, is made in the USA, is non-talc, goes on like a lotion and then transforms into a powder.  The formula is gentle enough for newborns, but luxurious enough that moms will want to steal some.  Moms need to keep this in their diaper bags and smooth some on their own hands whenever they take it out.

MD Moms Liquid Powder for Babies

Noodle & Boo Ultimate Cleansing Cloths, Gentle Baby WipesThese alcohol free, super soft wipes are gentle enough to use on faces, hands, bums, and everything in between.  This makes them the perfect all purpose diaper bag wipe!  Not that looks matter, but they also look pretty swanky and will earn the approval of all the moms at the playground.

Noodle & Boo Ultimate Cleansing Cloths

Wipebox by Ubermom:  This super cute Wipebox by Ubermom is the perfect place to put those Noodle and Boo wipes when there’s no need to bring a whole package.  It will keep wipes fresh and moist, because there is nothing worse than grabbing a dried-out wipe.

Wipebox Ubermom

me4kidz Diaper Bag Buddy:  The me4kidz Diaper Bag Buddy is like having that playground mom who is always annoyingly well prepared in a diaper bag.  The kit includes disposable diaper bags for stinky diapers, antiseptic wipes, hand sanitizer (because as any mom knows, hand washing after a diaper change isn’t always an option), latex free bandages, thermometer, and wipes all in a reusable case.  This has everything a mom needs…well except a baby.

Diaper Bag Buddy Baby Basics Kit

aden + anais Twinkle Blue Star Swaddle: Like their Burpy Bib, this aden + anais Swaddle is made of super soft cotton muslin so it gets softer with every wash, making it the perfect all purpose diaper bag blankie.  Use it to swaddle, as a blanket on a sleeping baby, or even to wipe up some baby puke. It doesn’t matter since regular washing only makes it better.

Aden and Anais Twinkle Blue Star Swaddle

Roberto Cavalli Leopard Print Changing Mat:  Why should a mom’s fashion sense have to suffer just because she’s lugging around a little butterball?  This Roberto Cavalli changing mat is everything.  It’s padded and easy to wipe clean like all good changing mats, but the iconic leopard print lets moms hold onto their fashion forward style.  This mat is the perfect marriage of function and chic. The only potential drawback is that all the other moms are sure to be very jealous.

Roberto Cavalli Changing Mat in animal print

La Cerise Sur Le Gateau Green Check Moustache Bib: Why not stock a diaper bag with a really fun bib?  This La Cerise Sur Le Gateau Green Check Moustache Bib is not just a mere bib, it’s also a conversation starter.  The fun mustache print is pretty much guaranteed to break the ice anywhere, and anyone who comments on it probably has a decent sense of humor.  Who knew a bib could help a mom make friends?

La Cerise Sur Le Gateau Moustache Bib

Beaba Purple Regulo CupSometimes when a tike throws their sippy cup the five second rule is in effect, but sometimes when a sippy cup hits the floor it’s done for the day, which is why backup cups are a diaper bag must.  This Beaba Regulo Cup is in a class of it’s own not only style-wise but also because it puts mom in the driver’s seat.  There’s a dial on the lid to let mom control the flow of liquid, even an option for stopping it all together, so Junior can shake and throw that cup all day without spilling an ounce.

Beaba Purple Regulo Cup
Sophie La Giraffe Teething Toy:  This Sophie La Giraffe Teething Toy is like the baby version of a Coach wristlet – everyone has one!  All those babies can’t be wrong.  Teething fussiness can come out of nowhere, so be prepared by keeping this adorable teething toy ready to go in the diaper bag.  Babies love this soft, scented rubber, and Sophia is hands, mouth, and nose exploration friendly.

Sophie La Girafe Teething Toy

etiquette Vintage Bundle socksBabies lose socks, that’s just a fact. So, be prepared by keeping extras in the diaper bag.  These etiquette Vintage Bundle socks are the perfect diaper bag addition because they’re adorable to mix and match.  No need to change the sock that got left behind, just throw a new sock on the bare foot!  And just think, by mixing prints at such a young age this kid will be fashion fearless!

étiquette vintage bundle socks package