Every year, for as long as I can remember, I have written out goals that I would like to obtain within the next year.  As I check things off throughout the year, I would  add to the list with new goals.

About 5 years ago, I switched things up a little and created my first vision board by cutting out  inspirational pictures and motivating words and tacking them onto a cork-board.  I also added my list of ” goals” and  races or events I would like to enter, etc. I am a very visual person so I found this to be a GREAT way to keep me focused on reaching my goals.

One thing that  always appeared on my vision board, was the guest feature in Oxygen, where viewers could send in their photos to Oxygen and be featured as the “Next Future Of Fitness” in their  magazine. But each time I went to fill out the form and submit my pictures, I  would chicken out. I don’t really know why I was never able to hit that send button, perhaps fear of rejection, or not thinking I was good enough…

With this being my year to “step out of my comfort zone” I was determined to follow through with this goal….no backing out, no room for self doubt, just DO IT!!  It took ABSOLUTELY everything in me to press send, but I DID IT!! Figuring I have nothing to lose.

Pretty sure my neighbors could hear my WOOHOO”S when I got the email back from Oxygen stating I was going to be in the November issue.

If you have a goal that you would like to accomplish,but fear is holding you back from reaching it I have two words for you “DO IT”. Don’t let fear take over and stop you from doing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you have ever imagined!!! If you don’t try – you never know what might of been!! 🙂

Photo Credit: http://worldphysique.com/nicole-nordli