I haven’t worn a pair of shorts in public for at least 15 years. I just don’t have those sexy, lean legs you see in the clothing ads and television. I have fair skin and every single vein on my legs show.  Unless I can get a gorgeous, cooper tan I don’t walk around in shorts.  I want to. I really wish I didn’t care about my legs and would just wear what I want to wear. I am pretty sure no one cares or would think my legs were as bad as I think they are. I am sure I am hiding them for nothing.

I think it would be liberating to just own it like others I see out in public. My family and I were eating lunch in a restaurant at Disney World last month. A very large and proud woman walked up in what I would call “hot pants”.  They were gold, shimmery and short…very very short.  She also had on a tight tank top. It is obvious she was proud; she didn’t care what we thought.  She wanted to wear that outfit and held her head up high and just plain OWNED IT. That can be considered very admirable. I never would have had the guts to do it. It made me think hiding my legs was a bit silly and why should I care?

I’ve been told my legs are not as bad as I think they are. I am sure I critique myself harsher than I should. As any woman out there knows, there is always something we do not like about our bodies. The television, movie, and fashion models make us think if we are not tall, tan with a perfectly toned, lean body we aren’t beautiful. I find myself obsessed with noticing an actress’s flat stomach when watching a movie. I recall what it was like to have a flat stomach and have clothes hang on me the way it was designed to hang. I miss it and am obsessed with it now.  I do think it would be quite liberating to accept my flaws and just own it!