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Hello, my name is Windy, and I… am in a fitness rut. [Insert overly dramatic shocking gasp sound here.]

Yep, that’s right. I stand before you today admitting my dirty little secret. Sounds like a cult really.

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Anyone who knows me knows I enjoy the gym. I like to run. I need exercise and fitness in my life. It makes me a happier person and that’s better than throttling people because I’m cranky.

I’m by no means a fitness queen. To see me, you wouldn’t peg me as someone who is at the gym seven days a week. And that’s because I’m not. I’m a working mother, married with three kids and two jobs. I’m busy, people. However, due to a lot of things going on in my life right now, I’ve fallen headfirst into a bonafide fitness rut and it’s ugly here.

But that’s not enough of an excuse. It’s not. We all have our reasons right? Some of us are more creative than others when it comes to excusing ourselves from squeezing into a sports bra and doing something.

I was sick (three weeks ago).
I was traveling for work (and we all know hotels never offer gyms, ever… right).
I pulled a muscle (also three weeks ago – fully recovered now, just don’t want to admit it).
I hate all my workout clothes.
I hate the gym and the people at the gym.
I’m tired. My kids. My job. The weather. Stress. Time. Time. Time. Time.


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I’ve hit my wall on this, folks, and I’m clawing myself out of this hole I’ve dug. It’ll be one inch at a time, but it is going to happen. Who’s with me? I know there are more of you “rutters” out there, reading these fitness blogs and telling yourself, “Wow, she looks great. I really need to do that.”

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Let’s do this together! Here’s a plan of attack. 

1. Start moving. Whether it’s a 30-minute walk at lunch or a walk around the track or park while your kids are at practice. Find a way to move your body some way, somehow.

2. Accountability. Find a person or a gaggle of people who expect you to show up for that walk, run, workout, etc. If you are a good human, you won’t want to let them down and if they are good humans, they won’t let you. A friend and I have started a Running for Beginners group at work that meets at lunch and after work. It’s a way for me to be accountable to these ladies who have never run a mile in their life but want to try. How can I stand them up each week? I won’t: accountability at its finest.

3. Tell the internal “mean girl” to zip it. It’s that internal voice we all have. She’s the excuse maker, the justifier on why we don’t need to hit the gym. She’s loud and persistent and mean. She’s mean because she keeps us from doing what we know we need to do, what we should do. Let’s slap a big ol’ piece of adorably decorated duct tape on her mouth and keep her quiet for a bit, shall we? Until she can behave, start being positive and help a sister out, she’ll stay mute.

These are three steps we can take immediately and easily. It will get the train moving so we can get back to where we were – faster. We can do this. We will do this.

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