It’s just unfair how easily guys can get ready. With winter’s icy chill on our heels, it’s even more difficult to break out of warm hoodies and sweats…or attempt to make a real outfit.

Ladies, this is our solution for winter. Frumpy, comfy clothes have never been so in-style and affordable. Over-sized sweaters are adorable and warm. Pair them with some cute or simple leggings and you have a trendy, carefree look. However, before you go running to a thrift store for your baggy, Aspen-esque sweater, this look can quickly go waaaaay south.

Cable-crew neck sweaters always look cute– they give that ‘I borrowed my boyfriend’s or hubby’s clothes’ look. But, be warned that you still want the fit to flatter you! Actual menswear is cut so much wider than a women’s wear. It’s about shabby-chic. You may end up looking oddly proportioned or plump if there is absolutely no shape to your sweater.

Find a fit that’s best for your shape! Pear shapes and bustier girls look for v-necks and find a sweater that comes back in contact with the hip/butt area. Sweaters with banded bottoms will fit snugly on your hips but remain flowy. The V-neck allows your collar and shoulders to show and give the illusion of a slimmer frame.

Also mix it up! Grab an open sweater or long cardigan, preferably with a Nordic pattern, and place a solid tee underneath. If you are feeling good, totally belt it! But, keep the proportions in line and watch where the belt hits you according to your body type!

Flats look the best with this look! Get a chunkier boot with some cute accents. Try a little edge and look for the ankle boots with flaps and studs!