Is it possible to be “too prepared”?  I have been stepping back lately and doing a bit of personal development, if you will.  Over some self evaluation, I have discovered that I have a Plan A,B,C for every scenario.  Let’s evaluate these together:

1. Preschool Prep: When it came time to pick out a preschool for Lena Belle, I decided the school should be located halfway between our house and Josh’s work.  I mean what if something happens and I can’t drop what I am doing to get there.  If she attends a school 30 minutes the other way, it would take Josh atleast an hour to get there, and that’s just unacceptable.  And then, we had to make sure we had back up car seats loaded in Josh’s car he drives to and from work, just in case.

2. Accident Proof: Everywhere I go, I pack a purse and a diaper bag.  Full of the usual things really, diapers, wipes, ointment, snacks, sippy of milk, and one of juice (never know what they might be wanting) a toy or two, a book, and a DVD for the car, and a change of clothes for each of the kids, just in case.  BUT I also keep a “backup” in the car at all times.  This bag almost NEVER leaves the car.  It’s full of all the same essentials, just in case I happen to forget something one day, or need more than one!

3.  Trip Planning: I begin to pack and prepare for any sort of trip or vacation almost a week in advance.  I make lists of everything each kid will need, what we will need, what needs to be done at the house, etc etc.  I start with one list and move to the next until it’s all completed, and then I go over the list again before loading the car up.  I also create a calendar before we leave with nearly every hour of every day planned out (who we will see, where we will eat, etc etc) I also make sure all the laundry is done, and the house is spotless.  Nothing worse then coming back from a relaxing vacation to a messy house.

I don’t know, maybe this saves me stress in the end, or perhaps I am creating a bigger stress factor in my life by over analyzing and over preparing?  I know it drives my husband slightly bonkers (esp. the way I am about trip planning, or having company stay over) I definitely think I need to work a bit on just enjoying the unexpected life sometimes tosses our way.  Maybe it could be fun?  I should prepare for that!