Not saying that my husband wouldn’t feed the kids properly when I am away 🙂 But, whenever I am out of town, and leaving my husband home with our children, I like to help him out and fill the fridge with some dinners…just for peace of mind, knowing the kids are at least having a healthy “mom approved” meal and not living off  take-out pizza!

So this week, I was away from Thursday – Sunday. Having my freezer already FULL of  “Once A Month Mom” meals, I knew they would have no problem finding something to eat. And with the cooking instructions labeled on the front of each package, it made the transition from freezer to dinner table that much easier! I also liked that I didn’t need to fuss with making anything the days before my trip and could focus on others things….like packing!

My husband and the kids took  FULL advantage of the ready made meals, starting with the  “Peanutbutter Pancakes”, which they enjoyed for two of the mornings I was away.  The “Sweet Potato Cakes with Black Bean Salsa” were eaten for lunch, and  I heard were given “thumbs up” across the whole table! After a busy day of hockey, my husband really liked  that all he needed to do was pull the “Chickpea Pot Pie” from the freezer “pop it” in the oven  for 45-55 minutes and bake it until golden brown – giving them time to play a game together while dinner was cooking. Cooking these meals ahead of time with these easy to understand recipes made life MUCH easier for my family while I was away…what more could I ask for?

I came home Sunday to the wonderful aroma of  “7 Veggie Slow Cooker Stew” cooking in the crockpot. Such a thoughtful man I have taking care of dinner 🙂 I stirred in some brown rice for the last hr of cooking, and dinner was ready!! SO nice not having to worry about making something after a weekend away!

Next week looks like it will be a busy one ( eally when are they not!?!)  So THANKFUL for my “Once A Month Mom” meals! I know my family is eating healthy, nutrition-packed, whole foods and it is not breaking my bank account or taking away much time! I am in love!

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