As I reflect on this past month, I feel blessed for the AMAZING opportunity I was given, to review Once A Month Mom. Not only  did having my freezer full, of yummy foods, help me get through what is normally a CRAZY month, ( seriously, what day, week, month isn’t??) it also had my family and I trying some new recipes and foods.

For example, I am no longer intimidated by fennel -lol – I can’t believe how many times I picked this vegetable up in the produce aisle, only to put it back down, because I didn’t know how to cut it! CRAZY, I know!! It is actually such an easy food to prep/ prepare and adds AMAZING flavor to your dish.

While we enjoyed all the recipes we tried, we definitely had our favorites. My children absolutely LOVED the “Chickpea Pot Pie” and have asked me to “restock” the freezer with more – they would eat it every night if given the chance! My favorite, was the “Warm Winter Pizza”. This has to be the BEST pizza I have EVER had!! Who knew topping a pizza with butternut squash could be SO good!! SERIOUSLY, if you haven’t made it yet – do yourself a favor…stop whatever you are doing and go make this pizza RIGHT NOW!! My husband liked the ” Pumpkin Risotto” as well as the “Tuscan White Beans”. The fennel, sage and rosemary in this dish were the PERFECT blend of flavors. I also really enjoyed the “Carrot Cherry Breakfast Cookies”. Grabbing one before my early morning HIIT class gave me the right amount of energy to get through the workout. They were also GREAT as an after school snack for the kids!

If you have been following along with my experience with “Once A Month Mom” and wondering if this would be something for you, but perhaps intimidated by the time and effort it might take to fill your freezer – my suggestion to you is GO FOR IT – take the leap, check out this AMAZING website and all it has to offer. You’ve go to nothing to lose, and in the end, will gain a freezer FULL of  FABULOUS meals!

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