My first blog, I am so excited and a little nervous. When I told a friend I was writing for she asked, “What about the non-skinny moms?” I explained to her that ‘skinny,’ in my opinion, is a state of mind. In some cultures and countries it is a big insult to be called skinny, and is much like the American view of being fat. So, throw out all of your connotations of society’s opinion. This mama is going to redefine skinny one blog at a time.

Yesterday, I went to the park to run. Running is one of those things that takes a long time for a mom to accomplish if she has kids in tow. I took the small SUV, which was mistake number one. I did a jinga like puzzle of putting two bikes (I knew my three year old would bailout, but it would be drama if his bike wasn’t there), one double stroller and two kids into the car. My goal was five laps around the park.

It was pretty and warm, and any other day, the kids would have ridden their bikes in the driveway for hours, but not today. Halfway into lap one, the three year old quits riding, so I put his bike in the car and grabbed the big stroller. Next thing I know, the oldest son’s peddle fell off, and there was no fixing it. Now, I have over 90 lbs in the stroller, no running is going on now. I walk very fast to the car to go back and pick up the bike and abort the running mission.

woman running outside with jogging stroller

But not running, is not an option, I have a half marathon in two weeks and everyday counts. So when we got home, I ran laps around our property, laps for over an hour to get my mileage in for the day. The moral of the story is this:

  • If you have a big SUV, take it to the park.
  • Always carry tools.
  • Don’t let Santa buy bikes from Wal-mart.
  • Never give up on what you planned to do.

My course may have changed, but not the destination. Oh and by the way, I had on a super cute shirt that matched my running shoes, so I was deeply upset that my run ended up at our house in the middle of nowhere instead of the park where it would be appreciated. As always, be healthy, be fit and don’t let anyone but you define who you are.