A woman’s body seems to constantly be changing–even if the numbers on the scale don’t quite reflect it. I went to go try on my favorite Joe’s Jeans and I barely got them over my thighs. Maybe I dried them too long…maybe I’ve simply gained more muscle mass. Either way, I want to elongate my legs, especially since I’m only 5’4″. So here are my go-to thigh thinning and butt lifting moves to shape my legs and tush!

1. Hamstring Curl on Stability Ball: Lay on your back with your legs straight. Place your feet together on top of the stability ball so that your heels are resting on the ball and your toes point towards the ceiling. Rest your hands at your sides with palms down. Tighten your core and lift your butt off the floor. Try to keep your back as straight as possible. Your goal is to be parallel with the floor. Slowly roll the ball in towards your butt. Your feet will end up flat on top of the ball. Slowly roll the ball back to the start position. Do as many curls as you can within 60 seconds.


2. Dancer’s Pose Taps: Start in a classic quad stretch with your left leg. Then lean forward, extending your right arm in front of you for balance, and extend your left arm behind you (keeping hold of your foot) and raise your left leg so your thigh is parallel to the floor.  Now, drop that right arm down and try to tap the floor with your fingertips. Keep your upper body straight the whole time. Lastly, lift yourself back to parallel keeping your core engaged for balance. Do as many taps as you can in 30 seconds, then switch legs for another 30 seconds.


3. Reverse Plank Leg Lifts: Have a seat on the ground with your legs straight. Place your hands behind you with your fingers facing your bottom. Push off the ground and shoot your hips up toward the ceiling. Your toes should be pointed forward, down toward the ground. Press your heels into the ground. Begin raising and dropping one leg at a time. Don’t let your hips droop and keep that core tight. Raise each leg as many times as possible in a 30-60 second time period. Repeat 2 times.


4. Wide Plie Squat with a Calf Raise: Start out with your feet a little more than shoulder-width apart and point your toes outward. Hold your dumbbell or kettlebell out in front of you and squat. Make sure you keep your back straight. Your butt should stick out like you are sitting in a chair. Shift the weight from your heels to your toes and then lift your heels off the ground. Your knees should still be at that 90-degree angle, toes pointing outward. Hold at the top for about 3-5 seconds, then come back down. You can either stand back up or stay down in the squat position and pulse your heels up and down. Repeat this move as many times as you can for 60 seconds.


5. Medicine Ball Thigh Press: Lying on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground, put the medicine ball between your knees. Lift your butt off the ground and focus on keeping your core tight while remaining as straight as you can–don’t let your butt droop towards the floor. Slowly squeeze your knees together for 30 seconds then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat 3 times. (To intensify this exercise, lift your hips up while still squeezing the medicine ball!)


While these exercises will surely help get me back in my favorite pair of skinny jeans, I know I need to cut down on my mid-day snacking as well since I haven’t been making the healthiest choices. Instead of finishing my son’s goldfish or cheese crackers, I’ve joined the Quest bandwagon and have packed a Quest Protein Bar for my daily snack. As you have all heard, they are absolutely delicious and really squash whatever sweet craving I’m having that day. Plus, they are so filling I don’t even need to eat again until dinner. Double bonus! If you haven’t entered the Quest giveaway yet, you’re really missing out! Every entrant will receive 2 FREE Quest Bars. Just follow the Rafflecopter instructions below. Trust me when I say you will love these healthy, nutrient-dense protein bars.

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