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Being a daycare kid, I always envisioned that all the kids who were lucky enough to ride the bus home entered into a house that smelled heavenly because their mom had baked them their favorite cookies for a treat after a hard day at school. Of course, that cookie would be served with a tall glass of cold milk. Apparently, I watched too much NickAtNite when I was a kid, but this is honestly what I thought all kids came home to. So, now that I am in the position of picking healthy and exciting snacks for my daughters, I don’t mind baking their favorite cookies, but I want to make sure it’s a healthier version.

There are many after school snack options for your kids, but they may not always be the healthiest options. My girls love oatmeal cookies but I wanted to make sure they were healthy enough for a nutritious after school snack. These Skinny Monkey Oat Cookies are amazing with dried apples, walnuts, and almonds; basically this is a cookie you can add so much to that is never gets boring!  Since I am not a huge raisin fan, we use other dried fruits like cranberries, and for special occasions we add dark chocolate chips. Yum! It is also one cookie I feel no guilt about eating because it is chock full of oats, which are amazing for the digestive track. Click here to get our SkinnyMonkey Oats Cookie recipe!