One of my very favorite times of day is when when I am reading to my daughters. I have always been a reader and adore the ability to go on amazing adventures all while I am curled up on my couch. Partially because of this love of the written word, I did very well in school and have even been able to publish my own children’s book! With this love of reading, I was that crazy lady who as soon as I found out I was pregnant started reading to my baby. And crazy as it sounds, both of the ¬†children are extremely verbal and can love being read to. We have been a part of numerous summer reading programs and I would recommend them to anyone. My kids and I love going to the library and picking out new books to read to add to our list. This is a major part of our summer, more so since my oldest has learned to read and wants to learn during the summer too!

As I have been so blessed with children who love books and reading, now that they are past the chewing on and tearing them up stage, I wonder how to nurture a love of reading in all children? I think that it all starts with reading to them, read them age appropriate, colorful, fun stories that engage them. I used to feel so silly making different voices for all the characters of a book, but seeing my kids laugh and become even more lost in the stories we were reading was worth it. Heck, now I find myself making up voices when reading mundane things like recipes! I understand that not everyone likes to read, so maybe an option for non-readers is to have the books, magazines or other materials accessible to children. While having a love of reading is not mandatory for a happy life, it certainly helps make children’s school lives that much easier!

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