When I found out I was pregnant with twin girls I had so many friends ask me, what theme are you going to have in your nursery.  Theme?  Geesh, I didn’t even think about that.  And I’m not exactly a decor expert. In fact, I’m pretty terrible!  So I started going through catalogs and catalogs of baby furniture stores and shopping at baby furniture stores to get the juices flowing.  And since my husband had a little disappointment that he wasn’t having twin boys, I didn’t want the room to look like Pepto Bismol vomit.

The other problem I had was that I needed two cribs in one room.  And once you have a large piece of furniture it really overtakes the room.  Everyone has these great conversion cribs, which are made of a heavy wood, but because all have a headboard, two wouldn’t work in the room.  So I had to go with regular cribs.

I went to this great boutique, Best for Babies, and they mentioned a wrought iron crib.  At first I dismissed the idea because it reminded me of little prisons.  But the more I thought about it, it was very whimsical and light feeling. So having two side by side could actually work.

Then I saw a picture in Restoration Hardware Baby & Child where they had cherry blossom bedding.  And another photo of a pewter wrought iron crib, with pink bedding and grey painted walls.  I already had grey painted walls.  And I knew where to get wrought iron cribs….which luckily came in pewter!

So I decided to go with a grey (pewter), pink and white color scheme with cherry blossoms. I went back to Best for Babies (I like to support local, small businesses) got two pewter wrought iron cribs, a distressed white dresser changing table and two matching night stands, a beautiful grey glider chair, pink curtains and cherry blossom linens.

My husband (who really never voices his opinions on this stuff) thought it would be cool to have someone paint a cherry blossom tree on the wall.  Instead of spending a lot of money, I went with a wall decal from Dali Decals.  I know what you are thinking…a wall decal? Like my kid’s (or husband’s) FatHead decal of Chad OchoCinco?  Well, basically yes.  But one that’s made with extreme details and looks like someone actually painted it.  And this cherry blossom tree is 8 feet by 8.5 feet for $200.  What’s even better is when we move or decide to change the room, I just peel it off.  No need to repaint the walls!

I think it turned out pretty good for a novice decorator.  And so did Best for Babies.  I’m so excited that they selected my nursery to be showcased in their future advertising!  Once I get the photos I will post them 🙂