Today, I would like to share with you a little treat that is made right here in Colorado. If you are tired of all the different yogurts on the market, this might be something you want to try!

I know yogurt is good for you. It’s full of calcium, cultures, vitamins and a whole lot of other good things we are told we should consume on a regular basis. Seriously though, how many ways can companies change it up? There are yogurts that taste like dessert (supposedly), yogurts that help your digestive tract, fat free, low fat, Greek style, etc. Going to the dairy section in any grocery store will prove how many brands, varieties and flavors there are.

Noosa is a truly different breed. It is thick, rich and creamy. It tastes like you are cheating on your diet, when you aren’t—which is something we all appreciate!

The recipe for Noosa comes from Noosa, Australia. Luckily, the founders landed here in Colorado and decided to start making their yogurt here. They use fresh milk from a dairy farm in Bellevue, Co and sweeten it with honey from another local company. Finally, they add in 100% natural fruit to complete what is truly the best yogurt on the market.

Their current flavors are peach, raspberry, strawberry-rhubarb, mango, blueberry and honey. At $2.50 a container, it isn’t cheap, but it is definitely worth it. We send it home in bulk when people come out to visit us here. I get two servings per container and top it with low fat, organic granola and fresh fruit. This is truly ‘clean eating’ at its best!

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