“I don’t have time to exercise”…if I hear that excuse one more time I am going to SCREAM.  Don’t have time to exercise, I guess you don’t have time to live longer, meet your grandkids, see your kids get married, enjoy retirement with your husband…really no time….think again.

I know we are all very busy.  Trust me, I have two kids and run a business, a home and blog for skinny mom.  I like to say I don’t have time, but really I have a lot of time.  You know that extra time when I lay in bed in the morning…or that time at night when I really need to be working out but instead I am watching tv…or the time during the day when the kids are napping or are playing nicely and I plop my butt on the couch or hop on the internet to check my facebook page…that is time.  I am terrible in the summer, I hate to put the kids in the gym daycare when it is sunny out and I am terrible when I don’t have a schedule.  So, this summer my workouts have suffered a bit…but they shouldn’t.  I am a better fitness person when I have a busy schedule because I book my exercise into my day instead of waking up willy-nilly and deciding half way through the day what exercise I am going to do and when…but I do fit it in most days.

But, this I don’t have time to exercise excuse grates my nerves.  I know you are a busy, wife, mother, business person.  I know you work and take care of a family and a home; but WHY ARE YOU NOT TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF.  No time is a lame excuse.  Exercise decreases heart disease, cancer and diabetes…trust me if you don’t have time to exercise now and you get sick you are going to have far less time for lots of things.

Find time in your day.  Instead of sitting on the internet; take a walk.  Instead of watching tv; do crunches, dips, push-ups or squats while watching tv or better yet if you really want to watch your show then hit a gym with a tv and hop on the cardio equipment for part or all of the show.  Get up earlier…the early bird gets the worm and gets their cardio done early.  Get up a half an hour before the rest of your family; enjoy the quiet and get your workout done.  Everyone has many excuses not to exercise; but the time one falls on deaf ears with me.  I know I will get comments about how busy moms don’t have time to exercise and I am going to tell you this…no time to exercise without the kids…then let them exercise with you.  Put your younger ones in the stroller, older ones on the bike or the scooter….let your kids do sit ups and dips with you.  Or better yet, let the little guys count the reps…my kids learned how to count to 20 pretty rapidly because of this. And..if you are a mom of a new baby and you don’t know where to turn; look for a local baby bootcamp class or some type of strollerfitness class. There are moms just like you who will motivate you to keep moving.   And finally, if you book exercise into your day and someone asks you to do something during that time…say NO….make yourself a priority and stop making others and their needs mean more than your own.  The more you emphasize that you are making time to workout; the more others will respect your time and they may even help you along in your fitness journey.

Your race, your pace, your destination…enjoy the journey.