I spent the last 7 days in Eastern Tennessee in the mountains.  We are talking in the middle of nowhere.  It is the annual trip to the lake, but this time we didn’t stay in a resort…we stayed in the middle of nowhere.  First, I must say I love the mountains and could spend days, weeks or months there…maybe even a lifetime.  I love the quiet, I love the southern politeness and I love the slow way of life.  I also love that when we are at the lake that I get to run in the morning and it is always a challenge…this year proved no different.

My sister in law and brother in law are avid runners…compared to them I am slow and recreational..they are pros.  It is always nice to be on vacation with those two because I ALWAYS workout in the mornings because I don’t want to be the slacker.

Since this was our first year at this particular lake house we had new terrain to run and explore.  After my first day of running I wanted to quit…there was not a flat part in sight; everywhere you looked there were hills and not little hills but steep mountainous hills.  There were also stray dogs running about (most of them friendly) and an escaped cow who was probably very nice but I didn’t test him.  I did a lot of power walking/running in the last week but I did drop 3 lbs on vacation which is truly shocking.  Oh and those of you following my brazilian butt lift journey; I took this week off there wasn’t enough space in the house to do the workout but my measurements haven’t changed.

Here is the point of my blog…you can workout wherever you are…you just have to have the desire and sometimes a little imagination.  So instead of going forward up all of the hills sometimes I ran up them backwards or went down them backward; a couple of times I did walking lunges up the hills..creativity is key. For instance our driveway was a very steep hill…so I did the 30’s workout with hill sprints in between.  I came back everyday from my walk/run and did a 30’s workout with arms or legs…we had a curb step to do dips or jumps…we had a set of 70 stairs from the house the lake that were perfect for stair runs (except when they were slippery)…there was ample room to jump rope.  So, I didn’t have the gym or the things that I was accustomed to, but I had plenty of things to make do and obviously it worked because I lost weight.

So vacation isn’t an excuse….actually it is great to get a morning workout in on a trip before everyone gets up and you start your day out right!  Once we stop making excuses we start achieving goals!

Remember your race, your pace, your journey and your destination!