brave bee

A very quick update for Thursday a.m.  I woke up this morning with a post asking for prayers for Brave Bee.  It had appeared that their scans were clear and their were awaiting MRI results.  There are FIVE tumors in Brave Bee’s Little brain.  One is operable.  I would love for the skinnymoms to flood the care page with well wishes, prayers, positive thoughts…whatever you do…please do it.  Also, don’t forget the no drama mama shirt.  It is cotton spandex and is great to workout in…the person who tweets and reposts this the most and has people comment on facebook or the blog “so and so sent me” will get a free t-shirt, skirt headband combo.  Keep sending positive energy brave bee needs it.

One of the biggest reasons that I joined the skinnymom bloggers was because it gave me a voice. I loved sharing fitness and health tips and I hope that others will learn from my mistakes and more important what I can learn from others.  I also in the back of my mind hoped that I would be able to give a voice to those who don’t have as big as a forum as I do.

In the past year I have been introduced to neuroblastoma, and a few children who have been affected by the disease.  First, it was little Layla Grace, her picture was all over facebook and her prayer warriors were asking for everyone to bring about a miracle.  Her family spread the word about the awful disease with Ryan Seacrest and other famous people.  They tweeted and shared her story, in hopes that a cure would be found for someone else’s child.  They worked tirelessly to tell her story so that the world was informed about neuroblastoma.   Layla Grace earned her angel wings last year.  Then, a fellow StrollerFit owner asked everyone to pray for Princess Tess, her niece who was battling the same awful disease. Tess is now disease free.  Then most recently, I was touched by a story of Brave Bee, Henley Hazel Romine.  She lived in Indiana and was a StrollerFit (now Babyboot Camp) participant in my friend Shawnie’s classes.  I have been following her story, her ups and downs and it breaks my heart.  I look at the pictures and think, it could be any family in the world; how was this one chosen for this mess?  I do believe there is a higher power, and I do believe that he doesn’t have much to do with what happens, but more to do with the outcome.  So, yes I believe in the power of prayer.  I also believe in the power of medical research.  I have waited to publish this post because Brave Bee’s parents had some concerns regarding a possible tumor in her leg and I wanted to be able to report an up to date account; today I can say that there is no initial cancer detected.  You ca n follow brave bee’s story at

A couple of nights ago, I started working on the newest designs for the hip to be mom t-shirts.  Genna Kenney from Invite Design, had once again put my ideas into print in amazing fashion.  Then, for some unknown reason, Brave Bee came to mind when choosing the colors of the “No Drama Mama Shirt”.  I thought really there is so much unnecessary drama in this world and in life. This family has all the drama they can handle and more, and they are handling it with poise.  Why get caught up in the drama, the only thing they need to worry about is Henley being cancer free.  Let’s think about the drama in our daily lives.  There is a huge amount of drama in the fitness world, at school, PTA/PTO, in your kids lives it is everywhere but why.  Those with the most legitimate drama, generally ignore it.  So, that is why I chose the “No Drama Mama” as the shirt for Brave Bee.

So, what’s the deal?  For each No Drama Mama shirt sold, $5 will be donated to Brave Bee.  The shirts are $22, $25 with shipping.  They will be available on the website or by email at [email protected];  paypal accepted. Currently, we are offering them only in ladies sizes, but if the demand is enough, kids sizes will be added.  Because of the expected volume, we will take orders until May 22nd and then they will be shipped in 10-12 days.  At this time, I can only do US orders.  In addition, my friend Michele Ohmer, will be donating a non-slip headband to match the shirt.  If you order the headband alone, it will be $5/$7 with shipping and $3 will go to Brave Bee.  T-shirt headband combo, is $27/$29 with shipping.  Finally, my friends at bibbity running skirts realized that their purple accent skirt matches the shirt perfectly and are donating a percentage of the money made on the skirt to the brave bee fund too. Just mention it in the notes when ordering. So there are lot of ways to help brave bee and her fight.

graphic for no drama mama tee

Shirt, sparkly headband and skirt. Skirt is a perfect match!

Cancer sucks, I wish there was a more eloquent way of putting this but it does.  Childhood cancer sucks the worse, there seems to by no rhyme or reason behind it and it affects children way too soon.  Please follow Brave Bees story at and if you think you would like a t-shirt please let me know.  I hope all of you are well and hug your children a little tighter tonight.