The New Year is here, that wonderful time of year when many of us are making our resolutions to commit to a lifestyle change, a new personal goal, or deciding to reform an old habit. It is unfair that we start off the new year putting  so much pressure on ourselves for what the upcoming  year should be. Why is it that we wait for a holiday, or a certain date on the calender to make a decision to change what we don’t like?

My SOLUTION to this is how about waking up every morning and change what you don’t like starting with each day? I never understood why is it we wait  until Thanksgiving to be thankful for what have? Or until Valentines Day to tell the people we love that we love them? And lastly, why is it we wait until midnight on Dec 31 to decide to change what we don’t like? This New Year, how about making the decision that this will be  your last resolution? Make the decision to live each day with the promise to yourself that today can be better then the last. Love more, smile often, and do the best you can to make everyday a NEW DAY! That’s my re(SOLUTION)!