Welcome to the NEW YEAR 2014! As always, with the New Year comes new (old) resolutions, like getting in shape! If you’ve set the goal to get in shape and shed a few pounds but don’t have the time or luxury of going to the gym, we’ve got some fabulous DVDs you can use from the comfort of your own living room that deliver a killer workout. Pop them in while the kids are napping or after work and you’ll be sure to hit all of your goals for 2014!

Tracy Anderson: Dance + Cardio – the Complete WorkoutIf you love dance aerobic classes like Zumba, you will love this DVD! This DVD brings the dance party to your living room. Have a blast while working out!

Tracy Anderson Dance + Cardio Workout DVD


FOCUS T25From the creator of INSANITY comes FOCUS T25. If you have ever attempted INSANITY you know it is, well… insane! It’s difficult to find enough time in your day to workout. Between driving to and from, changing and showering, and actually doing your workout you can be looking at a couple of hours a day! FOCUS T25 give you all of the results in only 25 minutes.

t25 a

Pussycat Dolls WorkoutA sculpting and cardio workout set to the Pussycat Dolls’ most popular songs! This workout is high energy with the added help and motivation of lead singer, Nicole Scherzinger.

Get in Shape with the Pussycat Dolls Workout


Jane Fonda: AM/PM Yoga for BeginnersIf yoga is your preferred form of exercise or just want to try yoga out for yourself, this DVD is the perfect fit. We all know Jane Fonda is a fitness legend and in these yoga workouts she shows us why! These workouts are specially designed to help you energize in the morning and relax in the evening. You will start feeling the benefits after only a few times!

jane fonda yoga A


Jillian Michaels Extreme Shed & Shred DVDThis DVD features two 45-minute workouts you will love! The workouts offer intermediate to advanced workouts that will suit any fitness level. With moves varying from kickboxing to martial arts, you definitely will not get bored during this workout!

Jillian Michaels Extreme Shed and Shred DVD

YOU: Having a Baby Workout: If your goal is to stay fit while pregnant, this DVD can lend a helping hand. Co-authored by Dr. Oz, the exercises featured have been designed with an expert and medical background. These workouts aid in keeping moms fit and comfortable throughout their pregnancy.

YOU Having A Baby Workout DVD


Personal Training with JackieJackie Warner, trainer-to-the-stars, guides you through this circuit training program that will yield amazing, body changing results!

Personal Training With Jackie Warner

Let us know if you have or plan to use any of these DVDs in the New Year! We hope you love them as much as we do!