New Mom Must Haves

I was watching Ellen today and she was hosting her “Mothers Day”  special. Everyone in her audience was expecting and she was giving away thousands of baby gifts. That got me thinking about the things we REALLY do need and use often. Of course I would love all of those gifts, but realistically, who can seriously afford a $900 stroller?

Now that my son is five months old, I know the things that do the trick, save time, and make life easier, so I wanted to share some of my new mom must-haves.

Travel System

Every new mom needs a car seat and stroller any ways, so I think its better to just buy the system than each product individually. The car seat fits into the stroller when they are babies and as they grow into toddlers, you can use the stroller alone. There are several brands and styles so it depends on the kind you are looking for, we have the Graco travel system and it works great!

Diaper Genie

I am a very clean person to begin with so I knew I had to get a diaper genie. Most moms know what it is but just in case, its a device that holds the dirty diapers and holds in odor. The only downside with the Genie is that you have to keep buying the liners that go inside them. There is a new type of these called the Ubbi and this one doesn’t require any liners. You can use any type of bag, might be worth looking into.

Baby Swing

This wonderful invention has been a saving grace in our house. We bought him a baby swing on the way  home from the hospital. I have found this the most helpful when I am needing to do things around the house. We put him in the swing and turn on the music, and within minutes he is asleep. An important feature that we got is the one that plugs into the wall so there is no need for batteries.  There are also several different types with features including ipod hook up and side swinging. A wonderful must have.

Sleep Sac

This is another must have for me. I was always was worried to put blankets in with my baby in fear he would somehow get them over his face. The Sleep Sac is a wearable blanket that zips up from the bottom so it makes it easy for changing. It also comes in different thicknesses, depending on the weather. Another great thing about it is that is ranges in many sizes from newborn (with a built in swaddle,) to toddler with built in feet. Great idea and must have.

I know every mom is different and we all have things we love and use daily. I am sure there are many more that I have left out so if you have any more new mom must haves then let us know!


photo from baby