As many of you know, I recently got married (on October 14th). The months leading up to my nuptials were quite a struggle. My weight has been a bit of an issue for as long as I can remember (always just 10-15 pounds short of where I wanted to be), and it seemed as though the harder I tried, the more that things just went wrong. My love for the Insanity program was short lived after an injury to my back which was later diagnosed as a bulging disk and a rotated pelvis. Between my inability to get in any real workouts and the stress of wedding planning, I was still not quite where I wanted to be by the big day.

Now that all that stress is behind me, I’m approaching my “New Life” with a new plan. I have made a decision to begin Weight Watchers this weekend. It’s a road I have never taken before, mostly because I’ve always believed that I knew what I was doing, and believed weight loss only came in a low carb/highly restrictive diet. I am hopeful that through Weight Watchers I will finally learn how to eat versus how to diet, and finally see some lasting results. Based on the many success stories I have heard from others, this does seem the route to go, so wish me luck!

As for my workouts, they have to change as well. I am currently in physical therapy for my back and have been restricted to walking on the treadmill¬† and a lot of yoga and Pilates. While I have always been a “go hard or go home” type of exerciser, I am hoping I can still find success with the slower approach (and God knows my hectic life of work, school and a 9-year old could certainly benefit from some “Om” time!).

Throughout this process I’ll be keeping you updated on my progress as well as the pros and cons of Weight Watchers and the whole pilates/yoga thing. Fingers crossed that by the first of the year I’ll be giving Jennifer Aniston’s body a run for it’s money!