Do you ever feel envious or intimidated by your friends or family? Do you feel like it just comes so easy to others, but you have to work your butt off to reach whatever goals and/or obstacles you have in front of you?

I recently had this conversation with one of my friends, and we find it both so interesting how it just seems like some people have it all together when some of us have to bend over backwards to get things right. Let’s face it, we all know that perfect mom who is not only smoking hot, but her kids are also incredibly well behaved, her house is always clean, and she cooks amazingly well, serving her husband a plate of food all while always being happy and sweet towards others. Or that “one” at work who just seems to know what to do and she is being recognized for it as well. What in the world are they doing, and how can they do everything right?

First off, it’s human to feel green-eyed sometimes, but it’s how we react to it that sets us apart from being obsessed and bitter of others’ success. I really believe that each and everyone has the power to do things better, to learn from others, and YES of course it is possible to be happy for other people and their success. Are you sure she is all that perfect? Most of the time if you get to know someone you will see that they are probably not all that perfect like you believe she is.

Before you wish to be someone else, think about this.

  • Are you a go-getter?
  • Are you really pushing yourself to be better?
  • Are you up early before the rest of your family working out?
  • Are you reading personal development books to be a happier, better person?
  • Are you keeping a list with daily to do’s to get the necessary tasks accomplished?
  • Do you have big goals and dreams?
  • Are you really giving your best in everything you do, whether it is folding clothes or preparing for a business meeting?

I have come to learn that so many times it’s easy to be jealous and bitter towards others’ success because we know we are just doing what is asked, we don’ t give it that little extra spark! We think that because it looks easy when others do it, it should come easy to us as well. However, if you are starting to get up off your butt and truly do your best, it’s easier to really be happy for others instead of being envious. Get to know them and be inspired from what they can do. Connect, ask questions, and learn from them instead of rolling your eyes and feeling bad about yourself! Most of the time people who seems to have it all together don’t, and the things that they do have together, they really put their time and best effort into being and doing. You have the power to be who you wish to be. Set up daily goals and work to be better!

  • If you envy those energized, fit people, become one! Work out, eat right and be happy with what you have.
  • If you wish to have a better success at work, find it. Ask for help, educate yourself more and give it your all.
  • If you wish to be a better parent, be it! Spend more time with your kids, get off Facebook, read parenting books and just have fun!

Sometimes it’s easy to over think instead of just being or doing. Things do not have to be easy to be right. Set bigger goals, then light the fire under your butt and become who you want to be!!