Vada with son, Christopher

Hi to all the Mommas and Grandmas out there following the Skinny Mom 6 Week Weight loss Challenge!!

As you read about my difficulties and perseverance during week 2, I have some exciting news for our family! I’m sure all of the Mommas that have little boys can relate, or even if your little boys have grown up to be wonderful young men!! My son, Christopher, and I have always been close……….this year he left in January to study abroad at Hillsong Leadership College in Sydney, Australia!! He is 22yrs old and is VERY mature and motivated, but it is ALWAYS difficult when your kids leave home, especially when they go to another continent 8,000 miles away!! Well, he has worried about me with all of the physical and emotional things I have been dealing with since the accident, even though I tell him that I’m a BIG girl and can do just fine. He is coming home tonight at 9pm Colorado time!!! YAY!! I have missed him so much since we put him on the plane last January!! I made a point NOT to tell him a lot of things that were going on, but other family must have shared just how much I needed him! He is coming back to study Business at University of Colorado @ Colorado Springs!! He is also into eating very healthy, body building and training hard. He told me that he is so proud of me for doing so well with the weight loss challenge, despite all that I am going through physically!!! I think hearing those words from Chris, is better than seeing the lbs come down on the scale!! It’s a beautiful thing to raise your children with love and faith, and see them grow into such wonderful young people!! I have always been proud of my children, but it makes me feel awesome when other people tell me how wonderful they are!!

A Mother’s work and time invested……..well done!!!

This picture of Chris and I was taken exactly 1 year ago!! He will be studying close by and I couldn’t be happier!! Now I have a workout partner!!

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