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When I was a kid and a young adult, Christmas time meant chocolate time. Turtles, Toblerone and more turtles, oh my! That was until about six years ago, when I gave up chocolate. Since then, I have fallen in love with new Christmas time delights. Cheeseballs, Chex Mix and salsa, oh my!


Now as a full-blown adult, I am constantly trying to live a healthy lifestyle, so not totally blowing my diet on my three favorites and more that are always abundant at my parents’ house is a full-time job in itself.

So this year I decided to find a healthier way to make Chex Mix… I am not sure this was such a great idea, but here’s what I did.

I tried two different recipes, one for the regular Chex Mix and one in which I changed some of the ingredients and used an olive oil base to see if that would still have the same affect. Spoiler alert: I do not think it did.

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The original flavored Chex Mix recipe that I used was by STOCKPILING MOMS™. I did not include the cashews and I didn’t know what three sticks of butter was, so I used 6 tbsp. of margarine and 1 tsp of garlic butter. Trying to reduce the salt, instead of using onion and garlic salt, I used powder. Another substitute that I used was alphabet pretzels, because I like to play with my food. See??

Despite all of my rule breaking and substitutions, this recipe turned out delicious. Was there any doubt?

Next, I tried what I thought would be a healthier version, with no butter only olive oil. I meant to pick up a lighter-tasting oil, but I forgot. So olive oil it was… I also didn’t use salt or bugles. I am probably the worst recipe follower…

While not having the butter included was a great way to make Chex Mix healthier, the olive oil takes a lot longer to ‘set’ and the requested 350 degrees the recipe calls for was too high. So a lot of the ranch seasoning burned really fast. Even though I had a super cute helper for this one, it didn’t turn out the way I was hoping.

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The plan to create a healthy alternative to a favorite snack did not go exactly as planned as my house now smells like burnt ranch dressing, but after lots of taste testing, at least now I know that while there might be a way to make Chex Mix healthy and still have it taste good, I haven’t figured it out yet.