It is really cool to have a personal trainer. There is someone there making you accountable. There is someone who pushes you to do your best and not slack off. I have quite a motivating trainer. He is with me Monday through Friday and not only makes sure I do my work out, he makes sure I do it right. The good news is he is super cute with blonde hair and the most adorable smile. His name is Tyler and he is three years old.

I have a home daycare and have a hard time fitting exercise into my very busy day. I have managed most days to follow a thirty to forty minute DVD each morning Monday through Friday. Since I have daycare children with me we, usually do the exercises together or they opt to play alongside me. Tyler, my drill sergeant, makes sure I get my workout in each day. When I get busy and a bit lazy he will ask me, “Sherry, why aren’t you exercising?” He will hound me until I finally get my workout shoes, hand weights and DVD ready. He is a rambunctious little man and has a lot of energy to get out. He loves to jump and stretch and workout with me. If I skip a workout he doesn’t get his energy release either.

I hate planks. Who really likes them anyway? I like to blame it on my shoulder which has started creaking since I increased my hand weights. I just don’t like them because they are hard. I know they are most effective too. I try to do them but usually roll on to my back to do a comparable alternative exercise. Tyler, my drill sergeant, gets right up to me and says I am doing it wrong. I need to be in the same position as the person on the DVD. I explain to him it is hard for me so I like to do an alternative, and he tells me again I am doing the wrong thing. Why am I explaining my laziness to a three year old anyway?

When I follow the Jillian Michaels DVDs she has you do two minutes of strength, two minutes of cardio and then one minute of abs. Usually after the abs I am slow to jump up to go back to strength. Imagine laying on your back thinking about how you need to get up and then you see the cutest, blonde little boy hovering over you. This cutie yells, “Get up, they said to get up!!” So I get up grab my hand weights and continue my workout. I am lucky I have my trainer and even luckier he is free.


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