My Treasures 🙂

As I look around my house at all my beautiful things, it’s the stuff that money can’t buy, that seem to stand out the MOST to me.  Gifts straight from the heart! The handmade crafts, cards and drawings my kids have made me throughout the years.  I have done my best to keep them all, putting their name and the date it was made on the back of them.  Some I have tucked  away for safekeeping in my treasure box, others I have displayed on a shelf, and some real special ones  I have stitched and framed and have hanging on my walls.There’s something about a homemade gift that makes it just that much MORE special, knowing that someone took the time, thought, and effort to make something just for you. Having been a mom for 12 yrs now, I have  collected some pretty AMAZING treasures, and I must say, besides my children, these handmade gifts are my MOST treasured treasures in my house. From clay tea cups, sunflower paintings, and picture frames, to hand print aprons, even just a simple self portrait, they all have a special place in my heart. Just looking at them you can see and almost feel the love that went into making them…yes, I am one LUCKY mom!! Seeing the smile on their little faces when I open my gifts fills my heart.I know that day will come when they stop making my gifts( that will be a VERY sad day) so for now I am going to soak up every minute of it and enjoy!!