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I’ve struggled with my weight over the years, although usually I was still within a healthy range, even if it wasn’t my ideal weight. I gained more weight than I should have during my second pregnancy but managed to lose about half of what I had gained after he was born in 2008. However in 2010, a few months after his second birthday, he got really sick and ended up in the hospital for a week.

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I didn’t handle his hospitalization well or all the doctor’s visits and tests to figure out what was wrong. I stopped working out and watching what I ate; I gained a lot of weight. It took me a couple of years to finally get out of my funk and start working out again. I joined a boot camp program in my neighborhood and signed up to participate in a weight loss challenge as part of a winter program. Unfortunately, I was not meant to get back in shape at this time. I missed the first week of the program after getting the flu, which then turned into bronchitis. The third week of the program I hurt my foot and was unable to work out for almost a year. It turns out that I had torn the tendon that runs across the arch of the foot and shattered a bone over my arch. I had to have surgery to repair it.

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Finally, in January 2014, I was ready to try again to get back in shape. I signed up for the boot camp and weight loss challenge again and cleaned up my diet. Over the next 18 months I lost 50 pounds and started running races again. It made a huge difference in my confidence and self esteem. However, it was about more than just losing weight. I’ve always been concerned with my children eating healthy and being active and it didn’t feel right to tell them one thing when I wasn’t doing it myself.

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I was very consistent with my workouts and stopped eating most processed foods. I did boot camp every Saturday morning and then alternated classes during the week with runs, either outdoors or on my treadmill if the weather was bad. I also spent a lot of time reading health and fitness magazines and articles online. I have learned a lot about being healthy and in shape and last fall I decided to start studying to be certified as a personal trainer. I signed up for a course with NASM and passed my test this past March.

Katy Seymour resident mom

Photo courtesy of Katy Seymour

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I love the idea of being able to help people get healthy. I have experience with how hard it can be to lose weight and eat healthy. I know that fitting it into a busy schedule can be really challenging. I have two boys; both are in school and involved soccer and Cub Scouts. I also work full time. I know it’s hard, but I also know it can be done without sacrificing time with your family.

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