Going back to school was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I had no idea that the next nine, yes nine years of my life would have so many obstacles for me to overcome. I went back to school when I was thirty. I had my son at twenty and daughter at twenty-four so I was a full time stay at home, waitress and bartend at night mom! I loved being able to stay home with my kids; yet in the back of my mind I knew I had to figure out what I was going to do with my life once they were in school full time. I thought I wanted to be a nurse so that was my first major, then I sat in Prof. Lorezo’s Comp 1 class and everything changed.

I remember reading Jane Austen and was hooked. I switched my major to English and felt confident in my decision. I absolutely love literature and once I figured that out the rest got a little easier. Goodbye Chem and Bio!  I went part-time at a community college for four years then transferred to Rowan University. It took me four years to complete my BA degree. It was very difficult to be a student, mother, and wife. There were times when I felt I was slacking in areas and struggled with this for years.  There were times when I felt like just giving up or that I wasn’t smart enough; especially when I failed my Praxis 2 test.  The proctor and I knew each other on a first name basis. For a year, I struggled with this test and my kids would see my disappointment every time the scores came in. I would study endlessly, yet could not pass this test and as a result I could not apply to student teach which held me up a whole year!  In the meantime, I pursued my Special Education certification which was a good thing. Then, finally, I got the score I needed!!! I was then able to apply for student teaching and graduate! I graduated on May 12, 2012. My son graduated high school two weeks later! 

The good that came out of all this is that my kids saw me struggle and they saw me persevere and succeed. I hope I taught them that anything is possible as long as you work hard and stay dedicated.  One of the happiest moments of my life was having my kids at my graduation ceremony and seeing the proud look in their eyes.