As a child, I dreamed of being a mom.  I had my doll, Rachel, that looked like a real baby with her own wooden doll crib in my bedroom.  After I started dating my husband, I dreamed of our future children.  Would they be blonde as I was as a child, and will they have hubby’s blue eyes?  After we were married, we decided to wait three years to start a family. So at 28 years old it was finally time. Unfortunately, we dealt with several infertility issues. We had a total of 5 years dealing with two uterine fibroid removal surgeries, fertility drugs and failed inseminations. My dreams of being a mother, having children with my husband were diminishing. After a nice long vacation with hubby, he noticed I was late and asked if I would take a test. I didn’t want to waste time testing. I was told by my doctor I had a 2% chance of ever getting pregnant which to me was the same as 0%. To humor my husband, I went upstairs and took a test while I got ready for bed.  After three minutes I returned to the washroom, picked up the test to dump it into the garbage can and noticed the second line. I came downstairs and asked my husband, “What is the last thing in the world you’d expect me to say right now?” He took his eyes off of American Idol and said, “You’re pregnant?”

It was the Thursday before Mother’s day when I saw that second line. We usually hosted a mother’s day brunch, but we canceled it that year because it was too heartbreaking for me to celebrate.  At the last minute, we invited our parents over for brunch to announce our glorious new.  I wrapped two positive pregnancy tests in pretty bags with a note that said, “Happy Mother’s Day, Grandma”.  My mother already had grandchildren but this would be the first grandchild for my in-laws.  The moment we handed our mothers their gifts was the longest moment of my life.  We were so nervous and so excited it seemed like time stopped. Almost as if we weren’t breathing. The funny thing is our parents came from a generation that did not have the convenience of a take-at-home test.  They had no idea what they were looking at!  Both sets of parents sat there quietly looking at the test wondering what exactly I gave them.  My mother finally figured it out and tears started coming down her cheeks. That was a dead giveaway for my father. He also started crying and all of us started hugging.  My in-laws were still confused, so we told them we were pregnant and congratulatory tears and hugs went around the room. That day was Sunday, May 7, 2003. It will forever be in my heart as the day my dreams of motherhood were finally realized.