I started running in December when my husband got home from deployment. When I got the courage to run outside, I began setting small goals for myself. Finally, I was able to run my whole neighborhood which is two miles. Once I got confidence in myself that I could run 3 miles, I decided that I was going to sign up for a 5K. I was able to persuade my husband to do the 5K with me except he had to push our 35 pound toddler. Since my husband is in the Army, he has “PT” every morning and he probably runs an average of 4 miles a morning. So here we were the morning of our first race and so excited, until we heard the route we were taking. We turned around to see the first leg of the race was straight up hill. Are you kidding me? I got the death stare from my husband and it didn’t help that the stroller runners had to start in the back. When the gun went off, my husband went balls to the wall going at a 7 minute pace. I trained for an 8 minute pace. We were passing everyone sprinting up the hill with our stroller. After stopping to get water, my husband ran over me with the stroller, but we kept going. There was a point when I thought I was going to die and told him that I needed to walk. He let me, for 5 seconds until he said, “Look behind us”. Behind us was a triple wide jogging stroller and a beastly man pushing it. We were the first stroller at the moment and I would not dare let this man beat us.

We sprinted the rest of the way and were the first stroller to finish. Together, we finished 25th out of over 200 runners and surprisingly, I finished 2nd in my age division! My first race was very successful and encouraged me to keep signing up for races.  I would encourage those new runners out there to sign up for a 5K and use that as your goal to run every day. It is amazing how you feel after you complete your first 5K. You feel successful, accomplished, and that you can do anything!