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My family loved this newest Disney-Pixar release. We visited Walt Disney World in May and had been waiting very impatiently to see the movie after the big promotional push at the parks. My husband Danny and I were also happy that a movie safe for a family day out would be in theaters. On the first rainy day, both our 10-year-old girls, 4-year-old daughter, Danny and I hit the theater with our ‘Inside Out’ tees on.

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Inside Out characters

Photo Credit: Pixar

Our oldest girl (by a whole minute) is a quiet and thoughtful 10-year-old that seems way older than her years. She enjoyed the movie because it was funny, but it did explain a little about why she feels both happy and sad at the same time. Her favorite scene was when Fear took dream duty, but she wasn’t too wild about Joy being selfish about the core memories.

Her twin, our resident social butterfly, also liked the movie because Sadness was the key to getting back to HQ, knowing all of the emotions are equally important and OK made her feel good. She also enjoyed the Dream Scene, but thought the cat and dog from the end credits were the funniest. Being sensitive to others and a tad sentimental, she liked Bing Bong’s flight the least because she felt bad for him.

Our 4-year-old wants to go see the movie daily and has asked every morning when I wake her up since we went. She cried when Riley got Anger’s bright idea, yelling for her mother to turn around during the planning phase of the idea and again with the loss of Bing Bong. She laughed hysterically at Fear calling him silly and now wants giant French fries for herself.

Inside Out

Photo Credit: Pixar

Danny and I also were super pleased with this movie. I am a sucker for ‘Meet the Robinsons’ and ‘Finding Nemo,’ so another movie with similar heartwarming and family themes is right up my alley. There are so many scenes I can relate to and emotions I can see my oldest girls struggling with as they start their own journey to puberty. I got nostalgic watching Joy visit old memories, comparing my older girls to the babies they used to be. Danny felt the movie was very cute, especially the way the emotions remember Riley, which is much the way a parent thinks of a child, even as they get older, always seeing the little baby girl inside the tween or adult.

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Our family loved the movie so much that we coughed up another $20 to see a mid-week matinee (something we never do), and are waiting for the Disney Movie Club to offer the preorder! This movie may be what we need to tide us over until ‘Finding Dory’ hits theaters.