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I think that most other moms would agree with me when I say that finding time to work out can be extremely difficult some days. Motherhood alone is exhausting, not to mention the other aspects of my life like my business and my family! However, I always do seem to find time in the day to work out, whether that means I have to wake up early, rearrange my schedule a little bit, or wait until nap time.

Check out my daily workout below that I can fit in whenever I have a little bit of spare time. I make sure to integrate enough different moves so that I’m getting in a full-body workout. Plus, the jump rope and burpees make sure that my heart rate is up and my blood is pumping through my body. The best part of this workout is that I can do it in my living room — no gym required!

24 Plié Squats Into Side Kicks: This move really gets my quads, hamstrings and glutes. I do 12 on my right leg, then 12 on my left. Click here to see how to do it! 

12 Bicep Curls: For this move, I just grab my dumbbells and get to curlin’! Here’s how to do bicep curls.

12 Toe Touches: These require me to lie on my back and use my core to pull myself up to touch my toes in the air. It’s a great ab workout! Here’s how it’s done.


60 Seconds of Jump Rope: Even if I don’t have a jump rope handy, I can still do the same movements as if I were holding a jump rope in my hand. That’s the beauty of this workout: I can do it wherever, whenever! Here’s how to jump rope.

12 Hamstring Ball Tucks: This is a great move for my entire body. Not only does it work my hamstrings, but also my core and glutes as well! Click here to see instructions.

12 Shoulder Presses: By the time I finish with these, my biceps and triceps are burning! These works especially well with a pair of dumbbells, but you can ditch them to make it easier. Click here for more info!

60 Seconds of Burpee with Pushup: Ah, the dreaded burpee. I have a love-hate relationship with it for a reason! It’s so tough, but it really does get results. Adding the pushup in the middle gives it even more of a boost. Like it needed it. Here’s how to do it!


60 Seconds of Forearm Plank: About 45 seconds into a forearm plank, I feel like collapsing onto the floor, but those extra 15 seconds are where all the muscle comes from! See how it’s done here.

I try to repeat that sequence about two or three more times, time permitting. Some days I only get through two sequences, while other days I can do all four. It all depends on my crazy schedule for the day!

Remember, it’s the #EveryDayMoments that make life more rewarding! Balancing all the priorities in your life can be challenging, but with a little creativity, you’ll never feel like you have to sacrifice one for another.

Brooke Griffin is an American Express Card Member and an ambassador, chosen for the EveryDay Moms program.

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