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Yoga: it stretches my soul. Makes me feel like I’m free. At that moment, in a stretch, where that slight sense of discomfort sets in, I feel the most free. Same goes for upbeat strength training — working up a sweat, wanting to give up countless times but you keep telling yourself to keep pushing, keep going. It’s so rewarding. My body thanks me after every workout. I have a love for both methods of activity so much that I combined them. Below are some steps that I combined to be considered a duo workout — a cross between yoga and repetition of the muscles.

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1. Starting in a Downward Dog position, I alternate heel raises for both legs as it helps to stretch out the calf muscles.


2. I go into two Vinyasa flows, in which variations can be found online. I like to include two pushups. This really helps to warm me up and then go to Cobra.


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3. I will then go into a table top position on hands and knees and stretch my back with Cat/Cow for 10 deep breaths. Learn this sequence by watching the video below!

4. Next I will do 30 Donkey Kicks, with a 20 second pulse after you have completed the set of 30. Alternate legs.


5. Come into Child’s Pose and rest for five seconds.

child's pose

6. Head back up to table top, then to Fire Hydrants for 30 counts. Then perform 20 second pulses.

7. Hit Child’s Pose for five seconds and go up to Downward Dog.

8. Rise from Downward Dog to Warrior 1 position, with the left leg forward. Turn to the right and raise your arms to the side for an extension (Warrior 2). Alternate to the other side.

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9. Go from Downward Dog to 2 Vinyasa flows. Incorporate 3 pushups.

pushup 1

10. Go back up to Downward Dog, then plank. Hold for 30 seconds.

11. Rise to Downward Dog, then bring feet to hands and stand up straight.

12. Sink into Plie Squat position with your legs slightly out like a Ballerina. Perform 30 squats then pulse for 20 seconds in Tip Toe Plie Squat position.

13. Step back into Warrior 2 position with arms out, hold for 20 seconds and alternate to the other side.


14. Stand up straight and bend into Standing Forward Bend, rising your arms as high as you can stretch. Bring your arms down during this stretch so they touch the ground, then rise again into Tree Pose.


I like to end in Tree Pose because it helps bring the heart rate down and keeps your mental focus. If you’d like to continue, you can add any variation of yoga stretches or repetitions. It’s totally up to you and it’s so easy to add a position you love or want to challenge yourself with. Sometimes I use free weights and do arm reps in between. Sometimes I take it into a full hour workout or keep it short at 20 minutes. If there is anything that would be a great addition to this workout, please feel free to share your love for body activities. Until next time, enjoy.